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As a public sector employee, you receive extra annual leave days, extra compensation in the event of illness and parental leave, a generous job transition agreement, reimbursement for certain healthcare and medication costs and generous conditions for leave. In addition, the University offers a health promotion benefit and a paid health promotion hour. Read more about your benefits here.

On this page, you can find out more about your benefits:

Annual leave

Besides the benefits set out in the law on annual leave, University employees have additional days of annual leave. They have a total of between 28 and 35 days, depending on age.

Read more about annual leave

Adjustment agreement

Employment can be terminated for various reasons. If you lose your job because the organisation is making cutbacks, the adjustment agreement for public sector employees applies. In certain cases, you are entitled to support and help if your fixed-term employment ends.

Read more about the adjustment agreement on the page about benefits

Compensation for parental leave

As a government employee, you may receive additional compensation from the public authority – the parental benefit supplement – when you receive parental benefit.

When you need to take leave in order to care for a sick child, if your income is above Försäkringskassan’s ceiling, the University will pay a supplement for the income above the ceiling for ten days a year. 

Read more about parental leave, parental allowance and caring for sick child

Health promotion and health promotion hour

Lund University reimburses the cost of health promotion, such as a gym membership, up to a certain amount. The benefit is offered to all employees, including fixed-term employees and substitutes. The University’s hope is that this will

  • lead to increased well-being at work,
  • create a pleasant workplace with a good sense of community,
  • reduce absence due to illness, and
  • prevent and minimise occupational injuries.

Read more about health promotion reimbursement and how to apply for it

You are also entitled to a health promotion hour, which entails a maximum of 60 minutes of health promoting activity per week in the case of full-time employment.

Read more about the health promotion hour and how to report it

Illness/sickness benefit

If you are on sick leave for a long period, as a public sector employee you can receive a complementary allowance over and above your sickness benefit. The public authority tops up the sickness benefit from the Social Insurance Office from day 15 to day 365 up to approximately 90 per cent of your income. 

You can also receive some reimbursement in connection with illness for things like

  • visits to the doctor
  • visits to a physiotherapist
  • if you are admitted to hospital

You can also be reimbursed for some medicines covered by maximum cost protection. 

Read more about the reimbursements to which you may be entitled in connection with illness


As a public sector employee, you are covered by occupational injury insurance and group life insurance. If you travel on university business you are also covered by business travel insurance. If you are posted abroad with a URA contract, you are covered by a special insurance policy for stays abroad (URA insurance).

Read more about insurance for employees at Lund University

Occupational injuries

As a public sector employee, you may be entitled to compensation from the Social Insurance Office if you injure yourself on the way to or from work, or during working hours.

Public sector employees also have complementary compensation through the Agreement on Compensation for Personal Injury, PSA, via AFA Insurance. This can apply to loss of income, pain and suffering, healthcare costs, invalidity and death. 

Read more about occupational injury insurance

As a government employee, you can in certain circumstances be granted paid authorised leave. It may be the case, for example, that you need to make a doctor’s appointment that cannot be arranged outside working hours or attend a close relative’s funeral and estate inventory. Remember to check with your manager when you need to take leave.

Read more about the rules applying to authorised leave


Your employer pays contributions towards your government occupational pension (occupational pension agreement PA 03). The government occupational pension consists of three parts:

  • Defined benefit pension.
  • Supplementary retirement pension (Kåpan Tjänste), and
  • individual retirement pension.

Read about the rules governing pensions

Preferential right to a higher percentage of employment

Pursuant to Section 25a of the Swedish Employment Protection Act (LAS), a part-time employee may be entitled to a higher percentage of employment. The conditions for this preferential right are that:

  • the employer’s need for additional workforce is met by the employee being assigned a higher percentage of employment
  • the part-time employee has sufficient qualifications for the new work duties
  • the part-time employee has registered a wish to increase their percentage of employment

If you want to register your wish to increase your percentage of employment, go to:

Registration of preferential right to a higher percentage of employment

Preferential right to re-employment 

If you have been made redundant due to a shortage of work, or have had a fixed-term position that has come to an end, you may have the preferential right to re-employment pursuant to the Employment Protection Act (LAS). You will in that case have received information about this in a written notification from your employer. In order to claim preferential right to re-employment, the claim is to be registered with your employer.

If you wish to claim preferential right to re-employment, register your claim here  

If you apply for preferential right to re-employment, you will be considered as an applicant for the vacant positions that correspond to the details provided in your application and for which you have sufficient qualifications.

The preferential right to re-employment applies from the date of redundancy or when the notification was issued pursuant to section 15, first paragraph of LAS, and thereafter for nine months from the employment end date. 

If you wish to withdraw a registered claim to preferential right to re-employment, register here

Reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs

You are entitled to reimbursement for certain healthcare and medication costs. A condition for the reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs is that the costs are registered in the high-cost database and with a high-cost card, which occurs automatically if you are registered. 

Read more about reimbursement of healthcare and medication costs

Salary exchange (exchange salary for a pension provision)

In accordance with the central collective agreements, public authority employees have the option to exchange their salary (salary exchange) for a payment by the employer of an agreed amount into an occupational pension.

Read more about salary exchange

The Job Transition Agreement

The Job Transition Agreement is a benefit for employees who are made redundant after being employed for at least 12 months at the same public authority.

It also applies in certain cases to people whose fixed-term employment comes to an end.

You must have been employed for two years in a row to take advantage of certain benefits. The support increases after a minimum of three years’ continuous employment, and further again if you have been employed for six years over a seven-year period.

The Job Security Foundation can help with support and advice as well as financial compensation in certain cases, among other things. Employees with indefinite-term employment also have longer notice periods.

Read more about the Job Transition Agreement on the website of the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, in Swedish

Contact your closest HR officer if you want to know more about the Job Transition Adjustment Agreement.

Read more about the Job Transition Agreement on the website of the Swedish Agency for Government Employers, in Swedish


If you cannot find what you are looking for on this webpage, you can ask the HR Division a question via the case management system, which is reached via the page Find the right HR information and support on the HR website

Contact your line manager or the HR officer at your organisational unit if you have any questions concerning employment or your organisational unit’s procedures for HR/staff matters.

Free admission

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