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Education (first, second and third cycle)

The decisions published in the English Rules and Regulations are only translations of the Swedish originals. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the translation, the original takes precedence.

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Processing decisions regarding withdrawal and recovery of the right to supervision and other resources for a doctoral student I 2018 I (PDF45 kB)

Regulations for doctoral education at Lund University I 2018 I (PDF kB)

Rules on the strategic management of scholarships for tuitionfee-paying students 2018–2019 I 2018 I (PDF 182 kB)

Admission rules for doctoral education at Lund University I 2017 I (PDF 92 kB)

Admission rules for first and second cycle education at Lund University I 2016 I (PDF 119 kB)

Guidelines on the extension of employment as a doctoral student due to duties as an elected student representative at Lund University I 2016 I (PDF 61 kB)

Lund University`s general guidelines concerning the term suspension in Chapter 10 section 2 second paragraph of the Higher Education Ordinance I 2016 I (PDF 60 kB)

Guidelines on handling complaints from students conserning first, second and third cycle studies at Lund University I 2015 I (40 kB)

Semester periods, academic year 2016/17 I 2015 I (50 kB)

Regulations for organising contract education at Lund University I 2015 I (32 kB)

Policy on contract education at Lund University I 2015 I (PDF 39 kB)

Action plan for the development of e-learning at Lund University 2016-2018 I 2015 I (PDF 36 kB)

Guidelines for the extensions of doctoral studentships etc I 2015 I (PDF 200 kB)

Admission rules for third-cycle education I 2013 I (PDF 59 kB)

Regulations for third-cycle education at Lund University I 2013 I (PDF 94 kB)

Rules on sound recording, photography and filming in teaching situations I 2012 I (PDF 30 kB)

Regulations on course evaluations and course evaluation reports at Lund University I 2011 I (PDF 32 kB)

Guidelines and regulations on plagiarism and deceitful plagiarism in first-, second- and third-cycle education at Lund University I 2012 I (PDF  400 kB)

Establishment of main fields of study, degree titles and the right to award degrees for extra-faculty programmes I 2007 I (PDF 27 kB)

Basic rules for the design of degree certificates for First and Second cycle studies I 2007 I (PDF 31 kB)

Fees for issuing duplicate degree certificates I 2003 I (PDF 26 kB)

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