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Health promotion reimbursement

Lund University offers health promotion reimbursement to all employees. The health promotion benefit reimburses your health promotion expenses, while the health promotion hour gives you the opportunity to engage in health-promoting activity without salary deductions.


The last day to apply for the 2023 health promotion benefit: 29 February 2024 

Enclose your receipts digitally when applying for reimbursement for health promotion in Primula. 

Read more about how to apply for health promotion benefit

Contents on this page: 

Health promotion benefit up to SEK 1,870 per calendar year

The health promotion benefit is offered to all employees at Lund University, regardless of the form of your employment. If you are on parental leave or sick leave, you can still make use of the health promotion benefit.

The benefit reimburses health promotion costs of up to SEK 1,870 per calendar year and can be used for a number of different activities. If you are employed for less than six months in a calendar year, you are entitled to benefit for the months that you are employed. For example, a person employed for three months during the calendar year is entitled to three twelfths of the benefit. If you are employed for more than six months during a calendar year, you are entitled to the whole benefit.

You will be reimbursed for simple and relatively inexpensive activities that contain elements of exercise or other health-promoting activity. Membership fees and equipment are not reimbursed.

Read more about health promotion benefit on (in Swedish)

How to apply for health promotion benefit

Apply for health promotion benefit as follows:

  1. Log in to Primula and go to My page ⇒ Compensations/Fees → Wellness LU.
  2. Choose Wellness tax free max 1,870 and enter payment date/receipt date and the sum paid (one row per expense).
  3. Attach your original receipt in digital form (scanned - not photographed - original receipt, bank statement for direct debit payment and/or payment certificate from the health care provider) by clicking on the symbol for Meddelanden/bilagor (Medd/Bil). Select the file and then click on the plus sign to add the file.
  4. Submit your application by saving and clicking on Submit.
  5. If you have a job financed by an EU project, you should also give your original paper receipt to the responsible administrator in your nearest HR function, who will ensure that the document is archived in the institution concerned for 17 years.
  6. You must be able to present your original receipt for three months after your case has been authorised in Primula.

You will not receive confirmation that your application in Primula has been submitted. You will only receive a confirmation when your case has been processed.

You must register your application and your scanned/digital original receipts in Primula no later than 31 January of the year following the payment date. Purchases made in November and December can be replaced by the following year's wellness allowance.

Check your receipts and attachments

Please note that your receipts and attachments must be originals, and contain the following information:

  • Your name 
  • The amount 
  • Payment date
  • The name and contact details of the seller

If you paid for the activity via an invoice, attach the invoice and a bank statement stating that the invoice has been paid. Alternatively, you can provide a certificate of payment from the seller.

If you paid for the activity via direct debit, you should ask the seller for a certificate of payment or attach a copy of your bank statement along with a copy of the contract from the health promotion provider. You can only request reimbursement for payments that have been completed.

For hand-written receipts, a stamp or a till receipt must be attached.

It is important that all the above information is included on the receipt or other attachment in order for your health promotion benefit to be approved. Otherwise, you must ask the seller to provide a supplementary receipt. Requests submitted with incomplete documentation will be rejected.

The health promotion hour

As an employee at Lund University, you are entitled to a health promotion hour each week. This means that if you work full time, you are entitled to 60 minutes of health promotion without deduction from your salary. The hour is proportionally reduced in accordance with the scope of your employment, which means that if you work 50% of full time, you are entitled to 30 minutes per week and so on. The activities may be divided into shorter sessions, for example three 20-minute sessions or two lasting 30 minutes. Consult your manager about how you plan to use your health promotion hour.

You can use your health promotion hour at any time during your regular working hours. The idea is that you will have the opportunity for recovery during working hours. The time it takes you to get to and from your activity, and any other preparations, are included in your health promotion hour.

Report your health promotion hour

If you use your health promotion hour, report this on your monthly flexitime report. If you do not have flexitime, discuss how to report the health promotion hour with your manager.

Read more about flexitime and how to report it


If you cannot find what you are looking for on this webpage, you can ask the HR Division a question via the case management system, which is reached via the page Find the right HR information and support on the HR website

Contact your line manager or the HR officer at your organisational unit if you have any questions concerning employment or your organisational unit’s procedures for HR/staff matters.


Receive your reimbursement more quickly by

  • applying for the health promotion benefit as soon as you have reached the maximum amount available for reimbursement
  • sending in receipts and certificates during the course of the year if you purchase several activities or pay by direct debit.

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