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How to book a trip

This is how you book a business trip.

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All business travel is to be booked through the travel agency with which Lund University has an agreement; currently, this is Egencia. This applies to all travel paid for by Lund University (for staff and persons travelling at the request of the University). Only staff are authorised to book trips under this agreement.

If travel is booked through Egencia, the University can quickly locate the University’s travellers in the event of an incident or terrorist attack and assist with bringing them home.

Any kind of bonus paid by a flight, hotel, train, or rental car supplier shall be passed on to the University and can only be used during the business trip or other business trips.

When an employee has been given approval for a business trip to a country where a travel certificate confirming a completed PCR and/or antigen test for Covid-19 is required for entry, the employer is to cover any costs for testing/obtaining the travel certificate. Any costs for sample collections are to be allocated to the local cost centre.

Booking a trip

Customer profile

Prior to logging in to the self-booking system for the first time or booking via customer service, you must register a customer profile at Egencia; please make sure to keep it updated. All new entitlements for a customer profile at Egencia must be applied for in Lucat:

  • In Lucat, you find the entitlement under IT service group/Infrastructure – IT service/Travel booking, for more instructions either read in the Swedish support guide, or ask your local directory administrator.

Read more about the entitlement in Lucat here

Support guide about entitlements in Lucat (in Swedish, LDC:s web page)

When booking less extensive trips you may use Egencia’s self-booking system. Bookings through this system involve a lower fee compared to bookings via customer service. Please remember that no personal credit/debit card numbers should be stated as all invoices are automatically sent to a joint LU account. When booking approved domestic business trips you can now, via the filter “Worried about changing plans?”, view only the hotels that offer free cancellation.

Log into Egencia’s self-booking system (use your LUCAT username and password)

Contact customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se for technical questions concerning the system. If you need to change your personal details in your traveller profile, please contact resor [at] lu [dot] se.

For other queries, please contact Purchasing and Procurement:

Please contact us via our support form (choose the category Purchasing - "Agreements and procurement")

Booking rail travel in Europe

Read more about how to book rail travel in Europe (PDF 155 kB, new tab)

Egencia mobile app

With a registered customer profile with Egencia you can easily access your travel information via the app.

Download the app here (Egencia’s website)

Personal service

You can get personal service from Egencia 08:00-17:00. Call +46 40 608 57 50 or email: customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se.

Be prepared

  • Is the price especially important? Be sure to specify this when speaking with the travel agent.
  • Be prepared when contacting the travel agency: Where are you going? When? Changes?
  • Include as much as possible: hotel, connecting trains, buses, taxis, etc.
  • It is important to clearly state if you would like the travel agent to make a preliminary booking or a definitive booking.
  • When you receive your booking confirmation, it is important you check that all the information is correct.

Choice of mode of transport, travel class and accommodation

Your first choice should be fossil-free modes of transport. For domestic travel, trains should be the first option. Flights may be considered if the time saved is at least two hours on both the outbound and inbound journeys. The total travel time shall be compared (including connecting transport and waiting times).

Consider cost efficiency and pay attention to all aspects of the trip: transport to and from train stations/airports, accommodation, working hours, allowances etc.

Train trips of more than two hours duration may be booked in first class or trips on night trains can be booked in a private compartment. Additional costs for night trains should be compared with an extra hotel night and the time saved by travelling via night train.

Business travel by air should, as a standard, be booked in economy class. A flight should be booked so that costs are as low as possible while maintaining efficiency.

For both train and travel by air, the tickets booked should be non-refundable and non-changeable. Exceptions can be made if a flexible ticket is considered to be cheaper than the work time potentially lost if it is not possible to change the departure time.

Normally, hotel rooms should be of good middle-class standard (three or four star). There may be circumstances, for example for field work and research trips, where accommodation cannot be booked in advance. Hotels may also be allocated for external conferences or equivalent. The traveller will then have to report the expense through the University travel expense report system after returning home.

Egencia contact details

  • Preferably book your trip online by logging into Egencia’s self-service booking system; see link below.
  • Urgent matters and trips, i.e. within 72 hours: contact via telephone +46 40 608 57 50
  • General questions and trips that are not as urgent: contact via email customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se or use Egencia’s self-service booking system under the help function.
  • For changes and cancellations, you can also try to log in and cancel via the Egencia website or mobile app
    Link to self-service booking system (log in using Lucat ID)

Egencia’s information regarding the coronavirus/Covid-19 in the self-service booking portal

The information, available in Swedish and English, is updated around the clock.

On the righthand side of the booking portal is a link to Egencia Travel Advisor which provides country-specific information on your destination. If your trip includes a stopover, enter the details for each leg of the journey to find out about the rules that apply on arrival.

Click through the link to select your departure and arrival cities. Here you can read current information on any quarantine requirements and rules of conduct in public places.

Under the Hjälp/Help tab at the top right, you will find a link to Egencia’s help centre for useful FAQs on solutions/products.

A little further down under Egencia’s Help Centre is a dedicated link for rules and links to specific airlines, hotels, rail operators etc. There are also updated policies for airlines, hotels and rail companies.

When booking approved domestic business trips you can now, via the filter “Worried about changing plans?”, view only the hotels that offer free cancellation.

Link to self-service booking system (log in using Lucat ID)

You can also download the Ministry for Foreign Affairs app – Resklar –  for the ministry’s most recent information:

Click here to access the Resklar app (Ministry for Foreign Affairs website; information in Swedish)

For travel within the EU, you can also find useful information on the European Union website. Click “Travel” and enter your itinerary to obtain information on what is required in the relevant countries.

Re-open EU (European Union website)

Several travellers travelling together?

For travel bookings concerning more than nine people, special assistance is available through Egencia’s Meeting & Events, email: groups [dot] meetings [dot] se [at] expediagroup [dot] com, tel: +46 31 724 55 90.

Carefully consider whether several key people, e.g. the entire departmental board, should travel on the same flight or bus, in case something were to happen.

Using the telephone while travelling

For travel abroad, see the terms and conditions for your mobile contract as well as roaming rates for calls and data.

Cancelled flights or similar problems during travel

Call the travel agency directly +46 40 608 57 50. For urgent calls outside office hours (8:00 -17:00) there will be an added fee of SEK 200. Other booking fees are applicable.

Business travel insurance

You will be covered by travel insurance via the procured travel agency. As an employee, you are also insured via Kammarkollegiet’s business travel insurance.

Read more about business travel insurance

Contact - Business Travel

Book travel via the travel agency Egencia

Self-booking (if you have created a traveller profile):

Link to the self-booking system (log in with Lucat)

Customer service:

Hours: 08:00-17:00

Telephone +46 40 608 57 50

Email: customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se

Questions and answers about our travel agency services (PDF 454 kB, new tab, in Swedish)

Booking group travels (more than 10 travellers)

Egencia Meetings & Events

Telefon +46 31 724 55 90

E-post: groups [dot] meetings [dot] SE [at] egencia [dot] com

Booking taxis within Skåne

Read more about the aqreements in Lupin

Rental car via LU Service

Campus service

campusservice [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se

Help with interpreting regulations

Employees are to address any questions on interpretation of the regulations and general advice to their line manager. Managers can email their own questions to resor [at] lu [dot] se.