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Purchasing and procurement

Purchase of the goods and services needed to manage the business of Lund University shall be performed in a legally, commercial and efficient way. All the university´s needs and goals must be considered in the purchasing process and the purchases shall be performed with respect to the right quality, total cost and other conditions that are the most advantageous in the long run. 

Purchasing and procurement supports the university´s functions in the whole purchasing process from need to payment, i.e. consulting, procurement (pursuant to the mandatory Swedish Public Procurement Act, 2016:1145 LOU), contract management, call-off from framework agreements, E-orders/E-commerce, delivery control and invoice management.

Make purchases by placing call-off orders from an existing agreement. If there is no agreement relevant for your intended purchase, you should instead initiate a procurement process.

The first thing you should do is to check whether an agreement already exists. To do this, use our purchasing tool Lupin. It is important that you consider that there are different types of contracts and that these are used in various ways.

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Go directly to Lupin to see whether an agreement exists (in Swedish)

Calculate the contract value

If no agreement exists, it is the total cost of your purchase that will determine how you should proceed. There are several things to consider when calculating the contract value. For instance, the total cost is the determining factor, and you need to factor in the entire contract period.

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Click the white boxes below to read more about the various purchasing procedures:

Direct award of contract

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value is below the threshold of SEK 586 907, and no contract currently exists, you shall make a direct award of contract.

Read more about direct award of contract

Simplified procurement

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value is between SEK 586 907 and SEK 1 365 782 and no agreements currently exists, you shall do a simplified procurement.

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Open procurement

When you are about to purchase goods or services for which the contract value exceeds the threshold of SEK 1 365 782, and no contract currently exists, you shall submit a procurement request to the Purchasing and Procurement office. A procurement officer will then assist you with the procurement process.

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Training in purchasing and procurement

If you want to learn more about purchasing and procurement, there are courses you can take. Which course you can select depends on your prior knowledge. We offer two general basic courses, and one specialised course. We also offer a course in simplified procurement for those who have certain prior knowledge.

Read more about training in purchasing and procurement

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