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Printed materials

If you are producing printed material yourself, there are layout templates in Indesign, designed to facilitate the production of material on behalf of Lund University. Basing your design on these templates ensures that you are using the University’s graphic profile and that all important elements, such as the logotype and seal, are correctly reproduced, while giving you support in your layout work.

Templates for your work

To facilitate your work, layout templates are available in Indesign (often called grid templates) and in PowerPoint (for research posters), as well as document templates for Word and PowerPoint. 

All templates can be downloaded from the Image and Media Bank. 

Image and Media Bank

To support you in your work, there is a graphics manual which describes our graphic profile and explains how it is structured. The manual contains rules, instructions and practical tips for how to use the graphic elements correctly.

What is a grid template?

When referring to layout templates, we often use the term grid template. Our layout templates for the InDesign program are structured according to various types of grids, i.e. various types of ruler guides/grids. Depending on the type of production that you are making, the ruler grids can be constructed somewhat differently. For instance, there is one for a portrait A4 brochure, another for roll­ups, etc.

Support for quick and simple production

The grid template system helps make the graphic production more quick and simple, and facilitates your work in combining logotypes, headings, texts, images and graphic elements in a coherent and well-balanced layout. In all templates the logotype is placed correctly and the seal has the right proportions. The grid is to be seen as a support tool when structuring your content, but will not be visible in the final printed version of your product. Instructions and examples on how to construct your layout will be provided when downloading the templates.

A formats

The grid templates are all based on A formats, which are part of the University’s graphic profile. Working with a layout not based on an A format makes it more difficult to ensure that the graphic form becomes coherent and correct. There are also financial and environmental reasons for, as far as possible, avoiding e.g. square formats. Remember to use the proportions of the A format if you are creating material in a format for which there is no grid template. Please contact the Branding Office at Corporate Communication if you have any questions.

Communications agencies

If you want help with layout and production of originals, you can turn to one of our procured advertising agencies:

Procured communications agencies


Media-Tryck offers assistance with layout, original production, book design and illustration/infographics. Media-Tryck has extensive experience of producing printed material in compliance with Lund University’s graphic profile. You can turn to them for help with any kind of assignment.

Media-Tryck website


Corporate Communications

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