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Payment of salary

Your salary is normally paid out on the 25th every month. You are responsible for providing your account details to the paying bank, which until 30 April 2023 is Nordea.

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Individual salaries along with fixed and variable salary supplements are paid out per calendar month. You receive your salary at the earliest on the 25th of each month, with certain exceptions:

  • When the 25th falls on a Saturday, the payment is made on the 24th.
  • When the 25th falls on a Sunday, the payment is made on the 26th.
  • When Midsummer Eve falls on the 23rd, 24th or 25th, the payment in June is made on the day before Midsummer Eve.
  • In December, the payment is made on the 21st at the earliest.

Information to the paying bank

The paying bank is Nordea. If you have a mobile BankID, you can connect your Nordea account to Lund University’s employer identification number or register another account via Nordea’s website. 

Register your account at Nordea's website 

Log in with your mobile bank ID and follow the instructions (available in English as of ”Register your account”).

For security reasons, we cannot publish Nordea’s employer identification number for Lund University here. Please contact your HR office to obtain the employer identification number.

If you have a bank account or right to a pension abroad, you must send an international form to Nordea.

Nordea’s form of Payment of salary/pension outside Sweden (PDF 149 kB, new tab)

Payment of salary – paying bank

You will need a Swedish personal identity number in order to open a bank account. If you do not have a bank account at Nordea, you must submit a transfer order to Nordea so that your salary gets paid into the right bank.

Download a transfer order (PDF, new tab)

If you have an account at Nordea, you do not need to send in a form. Nordea will automatically pay your salary into your account. 

Read more about salary payment

How to open a bank account in Sweden 

In order for Lund University to pay out your salary, you will need a Swedish bank account. In order to open a bank account you will need a Swedish personal identity number. 

When you start working, you must send an "A Tax" registration certificate to the SSC salary services so that the correct amount of tax is deducted from your salary. This, as well, only applies if you have a Swedish personal identity number.

Read more on Getting Settled - step by step

Submitting a tax registration certificate

When you start working, you must send an "A Tax" registration certificate to the SSC salary services so that the correct amount of tax is deducted from your salary. This only applies if you have a Swedish personal identity number.

If you don´t qualify for a Swedish personal identity number and instead will have a coordination number, please contact your local HR support.

Order an "A Tax" registration certificate on the Swedish Tax Agency website (in Swedish)

Log in to SSC service portal (in Swedish)

Supplements or deductions

Your manager decides whether salary supplements are to be paid out with your first salary or after the calendar month to which the supplements refer. The same applies to salary deductions.

If the salary deduction cannot be made according to the relevant decision, the employee is responsible for paying in an amount corresponding to the salary deduction in the time and manner determined by the employer.

New bank for payment of salary in May 2023

All employees have to make sure that they have a bank account for payment of salary registered in Swedbank’s account register.

Your desired account (it does not have to be an account in Swedbank) needs to be registered no later than 6 April 2023. 

Read more about how to register an account for salary payment


Contact your line manager or the HR officer at your organisational unit if you have any questions concerning employment or your organisational unit’s procedures for HR/staff matters.

Primula support

In Primula Web you can carry out many tasks relating to your employment, including applying for annual leave, viewing your salary statements, reporting secondary employment and submitting a declaration of illness.

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SSC Portal

In the SSC Portal you can find information about operational disruptions and planned interruptions to services for upgrades, in Primula. 

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