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Doctoral education

If you are admitted to a third-cycle programme at Lund University, you are generally offered a doctoral employment. This means that you as a doctoral student are counted as both a student and an employee. The exception is if you are scholarship-financed, then you are not counted as an employee and are not covered by agreed employment benefits.

As a doctoral candidate you always have at least two supervisors to guide you through your study programme. One of them is appointed as your principal supervisor.

It is the head of your department who has employer and work environment responsibility for you. This means that you have two managers, your head of department for matters relating to your employment (annual leave, employee interviews, etc.) and your main supervisor for matters relating to your education and dissertation work.

Terms of employment

Since doctoral students are counted as both student and employee, the terms of employment may differ in relation to other employees at the university. Via the link, you can read more about what applies to doctoral students in terms of working hours, salary, sick leave, annual leave, health promotion, etc.
Read more about employment conditions for doctoral students

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General syllabi and individual study plans

An individual study plan is to be set up to structure and organise the study programme. The study plan is established by the university in consultation with the main supervisor and the doctoral candidate. The study plan must describe the mutual commitments for the university and the doctoral candidate and also contain a clear timeline for the studies. The individual study plan is an important document which need to be updated continuously in cooperation with the main supervisor.Read more about study plans for doctoral students.

Read more about general syllabi and individual study plans

Degree and public defence of a doctoral thesis

At the final stage of your doctoral education, you must submit your doctoral thesis for general review. With an approved dissertation, you can request your degree and call yourself a doctor!

Read more about degree and public defence of a doctoral thesis.

Doctoral students and union support

As a doctoral student, there is support available for you from the unions. 

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