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What to include in the report

On this page you will find templates with clear instructions on what to include in a report on a suspected disciplinary offense. Please read the information in the comments for the template in question before making the report.

Templates on reports

Each template contains detailed instructions in order to help the person reporting a student for a suspected disciplinary offense. Please read through these instructions thoroughly before filing the report.  

Suspected Cheating (Word 244 kB, opens in a new window)

Disruption or Obstruction of Teaching  (Word 232 kB, opens in a new window)

Harassment (Word 227 kB, opens in a new window)

When making a report – please consider the following:

The report is always to be filed in Swedish. If the student does not speak Swedish, please state this in the report. The purpose of the template in English is to give information on what should be included in the report. If the student does not speak Swedish you can use the English template to make a report in both languages.

Please consider that the student will take part of the report. Don’t include any information which is not relevant for the investigation.

If the suspicion concerns plagiarism

If the suspicion concerns plagiarism, please attach the text submitted by the student and relevant pages from any sources that the student is suspected to have copied from (including pages enabling identification of the source). It is important that the passages in the student's text in which you suspect plagiarism are clearly marked so that it is clear to both the student and the Vice Chancellor/the Disciplinary Board what the suspicion entails. Please also make corresponding marks (for example by highlighting or numbering) in the texts which the student is suspected to have copied from. Please also note that markings in texts need to be clear enough to be visible even after copying. For an example of how to make clear markings, please click on this link to see Example of markings in text (PDF, 54 kB, opens in new window).

If there are other suspected similarities than the language used, describe them (e.g. structure, outline, research idea)

If the suspicion has arisen after hits in Ouriginal (Urkund), you can also attach that report.

If the suspicion concerns another type of disciplinary offense

Please see comments in each template depending on the type of disciplinary offense in question.


For questions about the process in disciplinary matters, contact:

Sofia Rosspher
Legal counsel
sofia [dot] rosspher [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 09 11

Johanna Alhem
Legal counsel
johanna [dot] alhem [at] legal [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 09 85


Note! Send your reports and any general questions regarding disciplinary matters you may have to:

disciplin [at] lu [dot] se