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Terms for parking

at Lund University

There are four parking zones at Lund University: Budget, A, B and C. Signs at the entrance to each car park indicate which zone the car park belongs to.

General instructions for parking

  • Parking fees apply throughout the year, at all hours, in all zones.

  • Possession of a parking permit or a pay and display ticket means you can park your vehicle within the specified zone, but does not give you precedence for a certain parking space.

  • Parking areas are intended for workplace parking during working hours.

  • Parking permits and pay and display tickets are only valid if the original is displayed in the vehicle as directed, i.e. on the inside of the vehicle windscreen, and readable from outside.

  • The parking permit is only valid during working hours and may not be used for so-called residential parking.
  • The parking permit is personal and may not be given to someone else.
  • To park in a designated disabled parking space, you must have a valid disabled parking permit.


Like cars, motorcycles are classed as motor vehicles, to which the same parking rules apply. All motorcycles are to be parked in parking spaces for which a fee is to be paid. Motorcycles may be parked in spaces intended for cars or in spaces marked “MC”. Motorcycle drivers are to pay the necessary parking fee and display the ticket on the motorcycle, unless payment is made through an app.

Motorcycles may only be parked where cars are permitted to park, which means they are not to be parked in bicycle racks, on pavements, on lawns, in courtyards or outside building entrances.

Inspection fees

If you do not comply with the instructions on the road signs and other signs at the car park entrances, you may be liable to pay an inspection fee of SEK 400. If you should park in a disabled parking space without a permit, the fee is SEK 500.

You may be liable to pay an inspection fee in the following cases:

  • A valid parking permit or day pass is missing or not plainly visible from outside the vehicle.

  • The vehicle is parked outside the marked parking space

  • The vehicle is, according to the sign, parked in a reserved or leased parking space.

  • The vehicle remains parked for more than 14 consecutive hours in zone C, or 24 hours in the A, B or Budget zones.

  • Parking areas are used for so-called residential parking, in which case the parking permit is revoked.

  • The fee has not been paid at the pay and display ticket machine, via SMS or with the Parkster app.

If parking areas are used for residential parking the parking permit will be revoked.

LKP is responsible for the University’s parking and parking inspections. Parking tickets are issued by, and are to be paid to, LKP.

Sales of parking permits to employees

New employees, who have yet to receive their salary from Lund University or are only receiving temporary payments from Lund University, and retired staff, can only purchase their parking permit at the Parking Office, Sölvegatan 14, Building I.

Read more about parking permits here.

Payment and validity period

Payment of parking permits is made by credit card. A parking permit is valid from 1 September to 31 January or 7 January to 15 September. If you lose your parking permit it will not be replaced. Damaged parking permits can be replaced at the Parking Office.


The Parking office is open by appointment.

The Parking Office
parkering [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se

Zoran Ivic
+46 46-222 43 14

Visiting address
Sölvegatan 16, house MNO, Lund