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Your work environment

This page provides information about your work environment and Lund University's systematic work environment management.

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Work environment 

The work environment is everything that affects how we feel at work. It includes, for example, the premises we spend time in during the working day, the ergonomic conditions for carrying out the work and how we cooperate with and treat each other. It is also about how work is organised.

Work environment policy

Lund University's work environment policy covers both employees and students and describes how working conditions should be so that no one suffers ill health or accidents at work. It also clarifies that victimisation is not accepted within the university's activities. 

Download Lund University's work environment policy (PDF 77 kB, new tab)

Work environment goals

Lund University's long-term work environment goal is a sustainable work environment for everyone working at the university. To achieve this goal, Lund University will – with the ongoing systematic work environment work as a basis - particularly focus on three areas during the period 2024-2027: 

  • Health promotion and preventive work environment management. 
  • Employeeship and life as a student. 
  • The work environment for collegially appointed managers. 

Within the framework of the focus areas, the following seven activities will be implemented: 

  1. Include health promotion and prevention measures in local action plans for work environment management.
  2. Introduce a digital university-wide tool for surveying and monitoring the organisational and social work environment of employees and managers.
  3. Ensure managers' knowledge and awareness of tasks in the work environment area.
  4. Identify factors that contribute to a sustainable work environment for collegially appointed managers.
  5. Investigate the conditions for a university-wide introduction in the work environment area for students.
  6. Implement the study social protection round for students. 
  7. Strengthen collaboration and cooperation in the systematic work environment management for students.

Systematic work environment management

Lund University conducts systematic work environment management (SAM).

The Professional development portal (Kompetensportalen) contains a basic work environment course in Swedish for everyone working at the university. The course is digital and describes, among other things, SAM and what role you as an employee have in this work. 

You can access the course by logging in to Kompetensportalen


Contact your line manager, the human resources officer, health and safety representative or equivalent within your department/faculty or equivalent.