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Organisational and social working environment

Read more here about what the concept of organisational and social work environment means and how we address it at Lund University.

Important elements of a good work environment

Organisational and social work environment factors are important elements of a good work environment. The organisational work environment refers, for example, to the distribution of duties, the demands of the job, how decisions are made and what our forms of collaboration are. The social work environment pertains, for example, to how we approach and support each other at the workplace.

Regular examination of the work environment

As is the case with the physical work environment, the organisational and social work environment is to be examined on a regular basis. This generally takes place through an OSA survey. The aim of the survey is to stimulate discussions on how you and your colleagues, together with your manager, can improve your common work environment.

Action plan

Based on the OSA survey, you will make proposals for change and document them in the action plan. The action plan is to be followed up together with the health and safety representative at your workplace.

Risks are to be assessed and remedied

Risks in the organisational and social work environment are also to be assessed and remedied. Measures are to be documented and followed up.