Record keeping and documentation

Record keeping and documentation concerning handling of laboratory animals

Record keeping

The animal testing manager is responsible for ensuring that all events, procedures and deviations are noted in the laboratory animal record. The record is to

  • be stored at the animal testing facility
  • be easy to understand
  • be possible to link to the relevant animal testing ethical approval.

Lund University’s recommended animal record template for animal testing (PDF 84 kB, new window)

Detailed instructions on record keeping with regard to animal testing (PDF 80 kB, new window)


The following documents and information must be readily available at all animal testing facilities:

  • Facility approval
  • User authorisation
  • User permits
  • Breeding permits
  • Plans from the veterinarian
  • Information on the 3R principle

The following templates are to be adapted to the relevant facility and species of animals kept there (in Swedish):

In addition to the information above, every project must have: 

  • ethical approval
  • written instructions from the animal testing manager
  • laboratory animal record
  • training certificate for the staff involved in the project