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Study administration

If you work in study administration, these pages will provide you with information about admission, student registry, and degrees.

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Read more about student registry in Ladok

Read more about degrees

Here you will also find information about different study administration systems, such as NyA, Lubas, Ladok, etc. 

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Ladok will be closed from March 21st at 17:00 until April 9th

The new version of Ladok will be implemented at Lund University between March 22nd and April 9th. During this period, Ladok will be completely closed to administrative staff, teaching staff and students. You will not be able to register students or report exam results in Ladok. You will also not be able to view any results in Ladok. The information stored in the system will be transferred; however, ongoing activities, such as grading lists, exam registrations and requests for degree certificates will not be transferred. Therefore, it is important that you complete all activities before the transition, to avoid the risk of losing data. It is possible to enter results into the system afterwards. The Ladok3 project will continuously provide information to all parties concerned, including students. Information can be found in Swedish at bloggen Ladok3 på LU

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