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Establishment and discontinuation of courses and study programmes

Here you can read more about establishment and discontinuation of courses and study programmes.

Decision on establishment

Before a new study programme can be established, the University carries out an assessment of the qualitative conditions required for a study programme to be offered at Lund University. If the validation is successful, it results in a decision to establish the programme. This also applies to new main fields of study that lead to general degrees and to third-cycle subjects, however, the processes are different.

The validation looks at how the programme fits with the needs of students and the labour market, how the programme is to be funded, and how it is linked to existing research in the field.

Decision on discontinuation

A decision to discontinue a study programme must also be thoroughly considered. For example, consideration must be given to students enrolled in the programme, but also to the range of education at the University and its assignment as a whole. 

In order for the decisions to have legal security and to be transparent, regulations have been drawn up by the education board and the research programmes board. 

Programmes established, or to be established, in 2020

  • A new Medical Programme
  • Master of Science Programme in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Master of Science Programme in Social Scientific Data Analysis
  • Master of Science Programme in Sustainable Energy
  • Bachelor Programme in Food Science
  • Master Programme (one year) in Business Analytics
  • Bachelor Programme in Translation
  • Master Programme in Central and Eastern European Studies

Validation and discontinuation of first- and second-cycle study programmes

Decisions to establish or discontinue study programmes are taken by the Education Board to enable university-wide discussion on the quality and range of education offered. This reduces the risk for overlap between different courses and study programmes and strategic educational planning is made possible. 

The process to establish new study programmes is guided by management rules that state that an external assessment group as well as the faculty board are to provide statements on the proposed study programme. 

The Education Board has drawn up a guide for the establishment of new study programmes. It is not compulsory but may function as a support tool for the faculties.  

Establishment of a main field of study for general qualifications

Decisions to establish new main fields of study are taken by the Faculty Board. The faculty is to consider the same aspects as for the establishment of new study programmes; however, there are no requirements to use an external assessment group or to submit an application to the Education Board.

Decisions to discontinue a main field of study are taken by the Faculty Board. The faculty should use the same process and documentations as for the discontinuation of a study programme. 

Establishment and discontinuation of a third-cycle subject 

Decisions to establish new third-cycle subjects are taken by the Faculty Board or the body delegated with the task at the faculty level. There are no requirements to use an external assessment group; however, there are conditions to be met for a new third-cycle programme to be established. These conditions are specified in Regulations for third-cycle education.

Decisions to discontinue an existing third-cycle subject are taken by the Faculty Board. Before a discontinuation decision is taken, options for current doctoral students to complete their studies are to be investigated.