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Images, film and music

Images are powerful message-bearers which can reinforce or clarify what you want to convey. Similarly, film is an effective means of communication which often says more about your organisation than printed material, for example.

Below, you will find information on the University’s Image and Media Bank, how to proceed when working with images and film, and templates and support for film production.

Legislation and rules

When using images, you must comply with applicable laws. For example, material retrieved from the internet may be subject to legislation, and all images and videos containing personal data are covered by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Read more about:


Images contribute to shaping how wider society perceives Lund University, and must therefore always be of high quality. Do use one of our procured photographers, but not before checking the University’s Image and Media Bank.

Whether you engage a photographer or take the photographs yourself, the images are to be characterised by Lund University’s image style. This helps to distinguish us from other higher education institutions.

Read more about Lund University’s image style

Image and Media Bank

The University’s Image and Media Bank contains several thousand images. The name of the photographer must always appear adjacent to the photograph. More information on the payment categories which regulate how the purchased images may be used is available in the Image and Media Bank. Log in with your Lucat ID.

Go to Lund University’s Image and Media Bank

Historical images

Are you interested in historical images? Take a look in the University Library’s image database. 

Go to the University Library image database

Ordering images from a photographer

Lund University has agreements with four photographers. New images must always be commissioned from one of them.

Read more and contact our procured photographers here

Buying images from an agency

Sometimes it can be necessary to buy existing images from an agency, for example where genre images and images of other geographical locations are concerned.

Find examples of image agencies here


If you need to get in touch with a film producer or for help in writing a film brief/assignment description for a producer, please contact Jessica Bloem, Corporate Communications, by email jessica [dot] bloem [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se or telephone +46 72 203 15 12.

Checklist for film production

Are you going to produce a film? Before you get started, use the checklist "What to remember before ordering and producing a film".

Download the Checklist for film production (PDF 217 kB, new window)

Large-scale film productions

If you would like to produce a film within a larger concept, please contact the University’s procured full service agency.

Go to the page on our procured communications agencies

Contact Jessica Bloem, jessica [dot] bloem [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se if you need help writing the brief for the agency. 

Small-scale film productions

Lund University does not currently have an agreement with any film production agency. This means that you can choose a supplier for yourself, but (for small-scale productions) the rules concerning direct procurement apply:

Read more about direct procurement here

You can also contact one of the University’s procured photographers who also works with film:

Go to the page with our procured photographers

Filming and streaming at events

If you need help with filming and streaming at your event, LU Conferences can provide assistance. 

Read more on the page Conference services

Filming research news

If you are working on a research or innovation press release where video could add to and enhance the release, please contact Corporate Communications via Jessica Bloem (national news) by email jessica [dot] bloem [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se or telephone +46 72 203 15 12 or Lotte Billing (international news) by email lotte [dot] billing [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se or telephone +46 72 707 45 46. 

Video for teaching purposes

Do you want help in creating and publishing video material for use in your teaching? If so, you can get it from the Division of Higher Education Development (AHU) and their video studio. Please contact Staffan Lindström by telephone +46 46 222 39 24 or email at videostudio [at] ahu [dot] lu [dot] se

Read more about the video studio on the AHU website 

Tips for producing your own material

Video clips and templates

To facilitate your work, there are prepared Photoshop templates for things like name tags, film outro and title pages. The templates are available for download in the Image and Media Bank, where you can also download video clips for your work as well as the University’s presentation video.


Lund University has specially composed music that can be used in all types of films produced on the University’s behalf. The University owns the rights to the music, so any copyright problems are avoided while ensuring the quality of the music used.


If you are to produce a "text video", remember to use the University’s profile font Frutiger in black or white. Place the text on a transparent background plate in black or white. For good readability, the general text should be at least 60 pixels, and picture references at least 40 pixels.
See examples of text videos, published on Lund University’s official Swedish Facebook page


NB! Always be careful to check that you have permission to use the material which you include in your film production. 
Read more about copyright and consent in images and film

Lund University on on YouTube

Lund University has two University-wide channels on YouTube.

Lund University

Corporate Communications is responsible for the Lund University YouTube channel. This features the University’s news reports, among other things. The content is mainly in English. Feel free to disseminate or embed the video clips. Contact Jessica Bloem, jessica [dot] bloem [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se, if you have material which could be suitable for the channel.

Go to the Lund University YouTube channel 

Lunds universitet

External Relations is responsible for the Lunds universitet channel (in Swedish). The content here is mainly intended for current and potential students. Contact Anna Sparrenblad, External Relations, by telephone +46 46 222 31 24 or email anna [dot] sparrenblad [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se, if you have questions about the channel.

Go to the Lunds universitet YouTube channel

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