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Profiling in the case of external collaborations

Lund University often collaborates with external agents. This section contains guidelines on how to handle our logotype together with other parties.

How we should place or use the Lund University logotype in relation to other parties depends on the nature of the collaboration – are we the main agent, are we one among several equal parties or are we a minority? The size of the logotypes is to reflect the collaborative relationship. When placed on a back page, the logotypes must always line up with our address details at the bottom of the page.

The logotype in different types of collaboration

Principal agent in a collaboration

When Lund University is the principal agent in a collaboration, and has invested most money, resources or commitment or is considered the main party for some other reason, the Lund University logotype is to be the largest. The partners’ logotypes are positioned a small distance away from our logotype. It is a good idea to add a caption, such as “in collaboration with”, that clarifies the relationship between the various logotypes. It is also acceptable to place logotypes on the right, adjacent to the field containing address information. When Lund University is the principal agent our graphic profile is always to be adhered to.

Two examples in which Lund University is the principal agent:

LU principal agent in a collaboration


Principal agent in a collaboration - example 2


When a sub-logotype is used, the field with the contact details is sometimes removed to create space for the logotypes of collaboration partners:

Example external collaboration and sub-logotype


If there are many agents collaborating, it is often clearest to write the names in plain text:

Collaboration: names in plain text

Several equal parties

When Lund University is one of several equal parties in a collaboration, the logotypes are placed next to each other with an equal balance in size and distance. In this case, a neutral graphic appearance is recommended instead of using one of our partners’ graphic profiles.

An example in which Lund University is one of several equal parties:

Collaboration – several equal parties

Minority party

When Lund University is a minority party, we follow the external (principal) party’s graphic profile. 


When one of Lund University’s sub-logotypes is to be used with a logotype for some form of certification, here using the EQUIS logotype as an example, it is placed to good effect adjacent to the organisation’s address information in order to achieve a better balance. 

An example of certification:

An example of certification


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