Here you will find information on where to purchase merchandise from Lund University, and how to proceed if you need to produce your own versions.

Ready-made LU merchandise

Shopping for work

As an employee of the University, you can visit the Lund University Shop or buy from the internal webshop. Shopping for work requires you to have an internal cost centre.

Go to the internal Lund University Shop (in Swedish, new window)

Shopping as a private individual or student

As a private individual or student, you can visit the Lund University Shop, which has moved from Winstrupsgatan to Tunavägen 39A, or buy from the external webshop.

Go to the external online shop (in Swedish, new window)

Order office supplies and conference material

If you need office supplies and conference material, you can order both standardised and specially adapted material from the University’s internal printing house, Media-Tryck. Send an email with your queries, requests or complete order to Media-Tryck.

Pay a visit to Media-Tryck's home page (new window)

Design and order business cards, note cards, etc. from Media-Tryck’s online shop (new window)

You can also order supplies and conference material from Lund University Shop (in Swedish, new window)

Designing and ordering your own merchandise

If you need to produce types of clothing or merchandise other than those available in the basic selection, it is important that you always follow the Lund University graphic profile. The Lund University Shop can help you both design and order you own LU merchandise.

Read more about designing your own LU merchandise


Some of the LU merchandise will also be available for purchase from our external distributors. Please note that their selection may vary, and that only the University Shop and the carries our complete selection. We recommend staff to make their purchases through the Lund University shop or the internal online shop.

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