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Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre works to promote good health among students, both through preventative measures and by offering support to those affected by study-related health issues in various ways. If your work involves meeting students or you work with issues that affect students’ work environment and equal opportunities, we can offer advice, support and information.

If you work with students

Referring students to the Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre meets students affected by problems such as low mood, stress, performance anxiety, fear of public speaking, procrastination, anxiety, alcohol problems or sleep disorders. The Student Health Centre offers several activities that address these areas. Students can also book individual consultations with counsellors via our website. 

If in your work you encounter a student who wants to get in touch with the Student Health Centre, you can refer them to the Student Health Centre’s external websites, where more information about our activities and booking individual appointments is provided:

Tips and advice for students and information about activities and individual appointments –

Information about booking individual appointments for students  – 

When not to refer students to the Student Health Centre

In some cases, students may need to turn to care providers other than the Student Health Centre. For example, if:

  • Their difficulties are not study-related.
  • They need to see a doctor to get a prescription or a sick leave certificate.
  • They want to be assessed for ADHD, autism or dyslexia.
  • They want to be assessed for possible psychotherapy or longer-term talking therapy.
  • They want to be assessed for potential sick leave.

In these instances, the student should be directed to their primary care provider. 

Students who have had healthcare contact in their previous place of residence and have recently moved to take up studies at Lund University should be referred to the equivalent care provider for continued treatment. The Student Health Centre does not accept referrals, nor are we able to renew prescriptions previously prescribed by other doctors.

Doctoral students are not part of the Student Health Centre’s remit but should instead turn to Lund University’s Occupational Health Service.

If you are unsure of where to refer a student for help, you can call us during telephone hours for advice.

If you encounter a student who is expressing suicidal thoughts/plans, or is in need of emergency help, refer them to hospital emergency psychiatric services.

Important contact details

In case of a mental health emergency, such as suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming oneself or others, we recommend to contact the closest emergency psychiatric clinic.

  • Lund, telephone: +46 (0)46 17 41 00. The clinic is at Baravägen 1, Lund. 
  • Malmö, telephone: +46 (0)40 33 80 00. The clinic is at Carl-Bertil Laurells gata 7, first floor.
  • Helsingborg, telephone: +46 (0)42 406 27 30. The clinic is at Karolina Widerströms gata 10.

In the event of a crisis or serious incident on the University’s premises or if you need to get in contact with a security guard, you can call the University’s emergency number. For example, a serious incident may involve a deceased person, burglary, vandalism, threats or acts of violence, accidents or a fire.

Telephone: +46 (0)46 22 20 700

For emergencies or life-threatening situations – dial 112. 

Telephone: 112

If you are responsible for activities that include students

Students are covered by work environment laws, just like employees. This means that the University is responsible to systematically prevent students becoming ill or being injured in their work and study environment.  Students are also covered by the Discrimination Act, which means that the University is to work to prevent risk of discrimination or reprisals, or other obstacles to individuals’ equal rights and opportunities within the organisation. 

This responsibility for undertaking tasks as part of the preventative work both in the work environment and on anti-discrimination is in accordance with our Rules on the allocation of duties with regard to work environment and fire safety management at Lund University. This means that it is often the head of department who bears responsibility. Sometimes the head of department has delegated all or parts of this task to other members of staff. The person allocating duties is always responsible for ensuring that the person to whom they are delegated is in a position to perform the tasks in terms of resources, powers and expertise. If you do not know what is meant by any of the work environment management tasks you are responsible for, or are not sure what is expected of you, you should turn first to the person who delegated the tasks to you and/or your manager. 

Description of work environment management roles on the HR website (in Swedish)

More information on division of tasks and responsibilities (in Swedish)

Part of the Student Health Centre’s remit is to work to promote good health and prevent ill health among students at Lund University and to act as a node for support and coordination of the systematic work environment management for students. The Student Health Centre does this by ensuring expertise in both work environment and equal opportunities management, by having a work environment coordinator and a coordinator for equal opportunities. They are a part of the university-wide SAM team, which works on a university-wide level to develop general guidelines, support materials and educational initiatives regarding students’ work environment and equal opportunities. They can also provide advice on specific situations.  Their contact details are displayed in the column on the right. 

Information on psychosocial safety inspections (in Swedish)

Information about how to work systematically with work environment issues on the HR website

If you are responsible for delivering introductions for new students

If you organise introduction sessions for new students, you are welcome to use this video to tell them about the Student Health Centre. The video provides an introduction to our organisation and the support that is available to students.  We can also help out with the introduction by coming to you and introducing the Student Health Centre or giving a presentation for new students.

If you would like to book an activity

The Student Health Centre offers services tailored to certain student groups on request. These include lectures about stress, workshops to minimise procrastination when studying or to improve the conditions for good group work.

All of our activities are aimed at the University’s students and are free of charge. We are able to offer activities on site in your premises and digitally. 

If you would like to book an activity for a group of students, feel free to send a request via the form below. We can then discuss your needs and the options we offer. You will find more about some of them below. 

Form to request to book an activity

Our range of activities

The Student Health Centre offers different group activities in English.

Information about group activities in Swedish on Medarbetarwebben 

Content: Information about procrastination and tools for organizing and planning in studies and everyday life. 
Language: Swedish and English 
Maximum Number of Participants: No maximum 
Duration: One 45-minute lecture

Ask a question

If you are an employee and you would like to contact the Student Health Centre or ask a question, you are welcome to call during our telephone hours or contact us via email: studenthalsan [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se

If you have feedback on our activities

If you have any feedback about the Student Health Centre, you can send them via our online forms. Your viewpoints are important to us!

Feedback on the Student Health Centre

Head of office: Simon Nilsson


Student Health Centre

Visiting address:
Sandgatan 3

+46 46 222 43 77

Internal mailing code 31

The Student Health Centre is available in Lund and at Campus Helsingborg.

Our staff includes counsellors, psychologists, a nurse, psychiatrists, a medical secretary, a work environment coordinator and an equal opportunities coordinator.