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Communicate your research


Why research communication is important

Research communication is more than ‘only’ the communication of research results. It is just as much about fostering an understanding of what research involves and how it is conducted as it is about explaining how the research results can benefit society. Many different channels can be used to communicate your research and the choice depends on what you wish to say and to whom you wish to convey your message or invite to join a discussion.  

Writing popular science texts

Writing popular science texts is very different to writing for research publications. In order to reach a target group that is not familiar with your subject, you will have to use slightly different language and text structures than you usually use. Learn more about how to go about this via the link below.  

Learn how to write popular science texts

Courses and workshops on how to write popular science texts

Lund University offers both workshops and seminars on the topic of popular science. Current courses are listed below.  

Grant-writing Workshop (focus on Swedish Research Council/Vetenskapsrådet) – for early career researchers/postdocs

Communicating through media

What should you do when you are contacted by journalists, when you would like to drive public opinion or publish a news item? The links below will provide you with tips and advice. 

Tips for getting your message out to news media
Press release guidelines
Writing opinion pieces

Academic writing in English 

As a researcher, it is likely that at some point you will want to write in English in different international contexts. Training in academic writing in English will make it easier for you to get your message out there.   

Courses and workshops on academic writing in English

Lund University offers both workshops and courses on English language proficiency and academic writing. Current courses are listed below. Register at Kompetensportalen (Professional Development Portal) using your Lucat ID.

Principles for research communication

As a researcher or communicator, when you convey research via media, social media, events or in other public contexts, you should strive to observe the University’s principles for good public research communication. 

Principles for research communication at Lund University

Forums and activities at which you can present your research

Lund University organises many different University-wide activities relating to research communication. Many of these are found listed via the link below.  

List of research communication forums and activities


If you need help drawing up a communication plan or disseminating your research results, start by contacting a communications officer at your department or faculty.