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Administrative systems

Login shortcuts

Alphabetical list of administrative systems and tools intended for a wide target group and administered within the University administration. Please note that most of the systems are in Swedish.


In this digital learning and teaching environment students, teachers and administrators can communicate, collaborate and interact in various ways. 


The document management system W3D3 is used to register administrative matters and documents.

Log in to DFS/W3D3


Book your trip with Egencias online self-booking system.


Lund University is obliged to submit electronic material to the National Library of Sweden, under the legal requirement of electronic legal deposit (eLD). These deposits are to be made through our eLD system called ‘E-plikta’.


EPIC is a portal for managing email functions for mailing lists, shared inboxes, etc.

Log in to EPIC

Image and media bank

The University’s image and media bank contains thousands of photographs that can be freely used in Lund University material. The bank also contains layout templates, logos, fonts and various communication tools for download.

Log in to the image and media bank

Key Koncept

The security office’s incident reporting system


Klara is the University’s chemical registration system. The chemical search function is open to all.

Log in to Klara

Kompetensportalen – for professional development at Lund University

Kompetensportalen (Professional Development Portal)  provides access to a wide range of internal courses for staff, managers, and leaders. Use your Lucat ID to log in and register for courses.  

Log in to Kompetensportalen


A tool for follow-up and analysis.

Log in to

If you want to access Kuben outside of the university's network, for example from home, you must first log in via the VPN service. To start a VPN connection, click the network connection icon in the taskbar of your computer.


Ladok is the University’s student registration system that contains data for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Live @Lund

Live @Lund is an online learning portal with information about courses and programmes for students and staff at Lund University. Live@Lund will be replaced by LU-Canvas.

Log in to Live@Lund


Lubas is Lund University’s education database. It contains information about courses and programmes offered at the University.

LU Box

Store documents and share them with others within or outside the University. Log in with your Lucat ID.


Lucat is the University’s staff directory. You can search for all staff at the University. You can also edit your own contact details and change your password.

Log in to Lucat


Digital service for system administration plans.

Log in to Lusyfer


LUCRIS is Lund University’s research information system and the registration interface for scholarly publications.


A tool for sending parcels

Lupin (Proceedo)

Electronic purchasing and invoice management system


LUP Student Papers is a system for managing and publishing papers written by students.

LU Zoom - digital meeting

An eMeeting tool for education and meetings. A digital meeting where you can participate from where you are. 


NyA-webben is an online version of the NyA admissions system, which is aimed at staff at departments. In NyA-webben you will find information about an individual’s application, qualifications and submitted documents.

Log in to NyA-webben


An account management portal where you can change your password and enter contact information to enable the University to reach you with information in emergency situations.

Primula Web

In Primula Web you can carry out many tasks relating to your employment, including applying for annual leave, viewing your salary statements, reporting secondary employment and submitting a declaration of illness.

Retendo -  an IT-system for staff planning

A planning system for teaching and research staff. It provides an overall view of courses, projects and ongoing assignments as well as how the work is planned and distributed among the employees. The system also takes care of monitoring working time and finances. Retendo is currently used by four faculties - School of Economics and Management, Faculties of Humanities and Theology, Faculty of Law, and The Faculty of Social Sciences.


Salut is the University’s internal telephone directory, searchable by either name or number. In case of absence, use Salut to generate an out-of-office reply.

Log in to Salut (you can change your language setting to English inside)


SoleMove is a university-wide system for the management of international mobility in all areas within Lund University, both student and staff mobility.

Logga in i SoleMove

SoleMove mobility support: solemove [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

Sunet Survey

Sunet Survey is a program for creating online questionnaires, such as course evaluations.


Room booking system. Booking and timetabling of rooms. Log in with your Lucat ID and password.


Log in via VPN (virtual private network) to access internal Lund University resources from home or elsewhere.

Log in via VPN


Read your emails from any computer that has a web browser. Log in with your Lucat ID and password. 

Log in to Webmail