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Hate, threats and violence

This page contains information for employees about how Lund University manages hate, threats and violence. 

Content on this page:

Zero tolerance of hate, threats and violence

There is zero tolerance of hate, threats and violence at Lund University. It is therefore important that all employees at the University help to ensure that such situations do not arise. 

If you feel there are situations at work that entail risks of hate, threats and violence, you are to bring this to the attention of your immediate manager. You can then look at these situations together and consider how these risks can be minimised. 

In emergency situations

If you are being subjected to hate, threats or violence, and find yourself in an emergency situation, you should call 112 immediately. You can also call the University Security Control Centre on 046-222 07 00 (this number is on the back of your LU card). 

It is important to inform your manager

If you have been subjected to hate, threats or violence, you are to inform your manager concerning this. 

You are also to report it as an incident or occupational injury, depending on what has happened.  

Criminal offences are always to be reported to the police 

If you have been subjected to a criminal act, you must always report this to the police so that it can be investigated through the judicial system. This applies whether the person responsible was a student, employee or outsider. 

To report a crime, call 114 14 or visit a police station.

Consequences of hate, threats and violence

  • If, as an employee, you subject another employee or a student at the University to hate, threats or violence, this could lead to consequences under labour law.
  • If a student subjects you to hate, threats or violence in your capacity as an employee, this could lead to disciplinary measures for the student. Read more on the University’s webpages for students: 
    Cheating, disruption and harassment | Lund University 

Support in connection with hate, threats and violence

People who are subjected to hate, threats and violence may react in many different ways. For many people, it is important to talk to someone they feel comfortable with. Support is available for anyone who has been subjected to hate, threats and violence:

  • Occupational Health Service 
  • Procured crisis support (access help via your manager and HR)
  • Primary healthcare 1177, contact your nearest healthcare centre
  • Emergency psychiatric department – if the person is a danger to themselves or others 
  • The University’s Multifaith Chaplaincy (Studentprästerna) provides counselling to all at Lund University, regardless of worldview or religious affiliation.


Contact your line manager, the human resources officer, health and safety representative or equivalent within your department/faculty or equivalent.