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Parental leave, parental allowance and caring for sick child

Find out about the rules on parental leave and leave for care of a sick child, and how to apply for leave. You have the right to a parental benefit supplement from the University.

Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) pays out parental benefit in conjunction with the birth or adoption of a child.

More information about parental benefit and application form on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's website (Försäkringskassan)

Parental leave

You are entitled to full parental leave until your child is eighteen months old. You are also entitled to reduce your working hours by up to a quarter of standard working hours until your child is 8 years old or until he or she has completed the first year of school. As a government employee, you can be granted a reduction of your working hours until the child has completed the school year in which he or she turns 12 years of age.

While you are on parental leave, your salary will be reduced in proportion to the extent of your leave.

Remember that while you are on parental leave, you only accrue annual leave on the days you are on leave with parental benefits from Försäkringskassan at the qualifying level or above. You confirm this by logging in to Primula and adding your statement from Försäkringskassan specifying the parental benefits paid out to you.

Parental leave for doctoral students

Doctoral students who are employed on a doctoral studentship are entitled to parental leave on the same terms as other employees.

Applying for parental leave

Applications for leave in conjunction with the birth of a child must be submitted to the workplace no later than two months in advance or, when that is not possible, as soon as possible. 

Apply for parental leave in Primula

Applications for the ten days of leave to which the other parent is entitled in conjunction with the birth of the child should also be done in Primula. Log in with your Lucat ID. The compensation for these days is referred to as ‘temporary parental benefit’.

Application for the 10 days in conjunction with the birth of a child in Primula

Parental benefit supplement

When you are on parental leave and receiving parental benefit from Försäkringskassan, you are entitled in certain cases to a parental benefit supplement from your employer. 

The parental benefit supplement is paid for the days during your parental leave for which you receive parental benefit from Försäkringskassan corresponding to the qualifying level and above. When you receive 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% of parental benefit, parental benefit supplement is paid out at a corresponding level. If you receive one-eighth of parental benefit, no parental benefit supplement is paid out.

The supplement is paid out for a maximum period of 360 days for each child. You must apply for the parental benefit supplement within two years.

The parental benefit supplement from the employer, together with the parental benefit, compensates for around 90% of the salary shortfall. Conditions for compensation are regulated by agreements and based on Försäkringskassan’s decision in each individual case. 

There is a special form in Primula that you fill in to receive the parental benefit supplement. Here too, you are to attach your statement from Försäkringskassan specifying the parental benefits paid out to you.

Log in to Primula

Caring for a sick child (VAB)

You are entitled to leave from work for the care of a sick child (VAB) and for that period you receive temporary parental benefit from Försäkringskassan. Försäkringskassan can grant compensation for VAB from when the child is 8 months old until the day before the child turns 12. For children with special needs, temporary parental benefit may be paid out beyond the age of 12.

Reporting VAB

When you are on leave to care for a sick child, you are to report this to your contact person at your workplace. Once you return from leave, you must register your application for temporary parental benefit in Primula.

Apply for temporary parental benefit in Primula

Level of compensation

Temporary parental benefit is paid by Försäkringskassan. 

Read more about the level of compensation on the Försäkringskassan website (new tab)

If your income is above Försäkringskassan’s ceiling, the University will pay a supplement for the income above the ceiling for ten days a year. 

Pregnancy benefit

Pregnancy benefit can be paid out by Försäkringskassan before the birth of the child if the mother has a physically demanding job or a job that implies a risk of damage to the foetus.

The condition for pregnancy benefit to be payable is that you cannot be transferred to more suitable work.

More information about pregnancy benefit on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's website (Försäkringskassan)

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