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Working at Lund University

As an employee you have both rights and obligations, as well as certain benefits.

In case of emergency

Find out how to raise the alarm or report an incident such as an accident or occupational injury. You will also find information on what to do in case of threats and risk of violence, or if unauthorised people enter the workplace. In addition, there is information on evacuation, first aid training and crisis management support.

Read more about what to do if something happens

Working for a public authority

Working for a public authority means working in the service of citizens. For example, you must be aware of the rules governing conflict of interest and secondary employment. You are also entitled to certain benefits.

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Employee organisations

Do you want to contact your employee organisation or get involved as a representative? Here you can find contact details for the three organisations with which the Swedish Agency for Government Employers has signed collective agreements.

Read more about employee organisations

Internal newsletter for all staff at Lund University

LU News is an internal newsletter intended for all staff at Lund University. The newsletter, published in English and Swedish, is distributed every two weeks via email. It features university-wide news and the University Management contributes on matters they would like to highlight.

Read more about LU News

Decision-making at Lund University
Finances at Lund University


If you cannot find what you are looking for on this webpage, you can ask the HR Division a question via the case management system, which is reached via the page Find the right HR information and support on the HR website

Contact your line manager or the HR officer at your organisational unit if you have any questions concerning employment or your organisational unit’s procedures for HR/staff matters.

Welcome to Lund University!

The University is a public authority and our task is to research, educate and convey knowledge.

Working as a public authority employee means that you contribute to societal benefits for all those living, visiting and working in Sweden.

Most work within a public authority places high requirements on expertise, education and experience. As a staff member, you are one of our most important resources in enabling us to reach our goal of being a world-class university.

Your knowledge and experience are very important for our activities and we invest to provide our staff with continuous professional and career development as well as good benefits.


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