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Rail travel in Europe

As of 1 June 2023, all rail travel abroad is to be booked through the Danish rail travel agency, Togrejse. However, all air travel, airport transfers, rail travel connected with air travel and domestic rail travel are booked as previously via BCD Travel.


You book rail travel through Togrejse via a form. There are two forms. The links go through LU Box and you log in with your lucat-id. Remember that you can only state your work email address when booking, i.e. email addresses that end with or

You can find more information about the agreement in Lupin/Proceedo as well as the links to these forms via Purchase/Travel and accommodation/Information Train travel abroad.

The travel agency staff will then contact you and provide an individually tailored proposal that is as cost-efficient as possible. Certain routes become fully booked quickly during the high season, for example the train between Copenhagen and Hamburg. So, whenever possible, book in good time.

In the case of business travel by train, it is particularly important that you inform your line manager about your travel plans, as Togrejse does not provide travel tracking.

Booking Information

  • Be clear about whether it should be rebookable or refundable. 
  • In cases where tickets are not electronic, specify whether you want the ticket to be:
    • Mailed to an address
    • Picked up at a store near the delivery address
    • Collected at the pickup point in Malmö C.

If you miss a train

Most trains in Europe run punctually, but disruptions can occur for various reasons. To prevent this, plan realistic transfer times—the train travel agency can assist you when booking seat reservations through them. If you book a seat reservation independently, it’s generally recommended to allow at least 30 minutes for transfers, and 1 hour if catching the next train is crucial. For Eurostar trains to destinations like the United Kingdom, a transfer time of approximately 2 hours is required.

Compensation and regulations are governed by the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1371/2007 on the rights and obligations of rail passengers.

Delays and canceled trains can be categorized as follows:

1.    Industry-related cancellations/delays:
These may include signal failures, technical issues with the train, delays due to other trains, power outages, and more. In this category, passengers are entitled to compensation as outlined below.

2.    Force majeure: 
This category covers exceptional weather conditions, unrest, unannounced strikes, war, epidemics, and more. In force majeure situations, operators are not obligated to assist passengers further, but they will try to do so based on the circumstances and case-by-case assessments. We always recommend that passengers review university travel insurance to cover any expenses. 

Travel Insurance for University Employees

What to do in case of canceled trains and delays

  • For complaints and additional guidance, contact the train operator listed on your ticket. For example, if you have an SJ/DB ticket, please contact them.
  • If there is a risk that you will not make a connecting train before midnight or if your night train is delayed or canceled at the station where you are, contact the ticket office. The operator is obligated to provide free assistance in issuing seat reservations for subsequent trains.
  • Consult your immediate supervisor, who will decide whether you can book a hotel through BCD’s emergency service or use travel expenses for urgent situations, such as canceled trains. Togrejse does not offer hotel accommodations and does not have after-hours service on weekdays after 4:00 PM.

Business travel insurance

You will be covered by travel insurance via the procured travel agency. As an employee, you are also insured via Kammarkollegiet’s business travel insurance.

Read more about business travel insurance