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Study guidance

Lund University offers both general study guidance for the entire University and specialised study guidance at the different departments. This is time well spent that may allow students to broaden their perspectives, gain new knowledge about themselves and thereby earn a degree faster.

Study guidance can help students figure out how to proceed with their studies by setting up objectives and goals. A discussion about their opportunities, personal traits and circumstances can be a solid foundation for future choices. It could be appropriate to start with one session, and after that schedule additional sessions.

Referring students to a study adviser

General study guidance

General study guidance involves students or prospective students who, for example, are uncertain about the study choices, have questions about the application and admission rules, or want to know more about the professions the different courses and programmes may lead to. Students can also receive guidance on how to acquire a degree through freestanding courses.  

To discuss these issues, or other student concerns, we at the general study guidance offer advice through:

  • individual guidance talks
  • telephone and skype
  • drop-in visits

For more information about study guidance for students visit

Study guidance at the departments

Students and prospective students may turn to the study advisers at the departments, for questions pertaining to a certain programme or course, e.g. entry requirements, credit transfers, approved leave from studies, or deferment of studies.

For more information about study guidance at the departments visit

Networks for study advisers

Lund University’s study advisers network

At Lund University, there is a study advisers network, coordinated by Cecilia Johansson at the general study guidance. Through this network, study advisers are offered continuing professional development courses and information during several training sessions and email newsletters throughout the academic year. If you want to receive information about the network, please contact cecilia [dot] johansson [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se

National study advisers network

There is also a national study advisers network for study advisers at Swedish higher education institutions. This network conducts professional development training via online cafes in Adobe Connect, courses in guidance methodology, and offers support to the institutions that will organise upcoming national study advisers conferences.  

The national study advisers network has a LinkedIn group where advisers can meet and answer each other’s questions. The group is exclusive to study advisers at Swedish higher education institutions.

National study advisers network on LinkedIn

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