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When you return home from your trip

You must submit a travel expense report after you have travelled. There might also be invoices in Lupin/Proceedo for you to take care of. On these pages you will find information about how to proceed.

Travel expense reports

Information about how to do a travel expense report

Read more about reimbursement of travel expenses, subsistence allowance and meal deductions

Invoices and credit notes

Contact fakturafragor [at] bcdtravel [dot] se if you have questions on their invoices and credit notes.

Read more about handling invoices in Lupin/Proceedo

BCD makes the charge for hotel stays when you check out, but their booking fee is charged at the time of booking. That is why you will receive two invoices. The first contains the booking fee and the second the hotel cost.

For all invoices related to business trips, you should attach supporting documents that specify the nature of the business event. For example, this could include an invitation to a conference. When VAT is specified on the invoice from SEB Kort, it should be booked to account 15410 (input VAT).

Invoices sent to the wrong person for reviewing

Unfortunately, BCD cannot process the letters Å, Ä, Ö in their order reference. This means that the invoice does not automatically get sent to the right person for reviewing.

If you receive an invoice without Å, Ä, Ö in the reference and it has not been matched to the correct user in Lupin/Proceedo, do the following: Use the contact form to write to the Division of Finances and select the category "Supplier invoice to LU (Lupin/Proceedo)". Provide the following heading: Incorrect spelling of order reference.

The LU Finance support form

Provide the invoice number and the name of the right person to conduct the check. We will then connect the incorrect spelling to the correct user in Lupin/Proceedo so that future invoices will be sent to the right person.


If you are unhappy with your trip or booking, it is important that you file a complaint with BCD Travel at lu [at] bcdtravel [dot] se.

Complaints about a booking made with the previous travel agency Egencia? Contact customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se (customer_service[at]egencia[dot]se).

SJ Compensation

Contact SJ directly, and send the documentation to the Division of Finances using the internal support form so that the compensation can be identified in the bank giro account when payment is made. Specify bank giro number 5051-4728, Lund University and the relevant cost centre.

Finance Division’s support form (select category “Payment to LU/Review account”)


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