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Links form the basis of the internet, which is why it is important for links to be relevant, rich in content and specific. Visitors should understand where the link is taking them and what content is to be expected when clicking on it.

Tips for creating accessible links

  • The link text should be informative, comprehensible and self-contained. Simply writing “Read more” or “More information” will not work for people who for various reasons are unable to see the surrounding text and are having the links read out via a screen reader, for example.
  • Ideally place the link on its own line below the paragraph to which the link is related.
  • If the link is referring to another website (this includes websites within Lund University) then this should be specified at the end of the link text.
  • Links to webpages should always open in the same tab.
  • Links to PDF-documents should open in a new tab. Link texts to PDF-documents should also contain information about the document’s format and size, and state that the link will open in a new tab.
  • Link texts to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and to other files should contain information about the document’s format and size. (Those types of documents and files do not open in a new tab, they are downloaded automatically.)


  • Adding a title text when creating the link. Ensure instead that you write informative and comprehensible link texts.
  • Underlining any text that is not linked.

Examples of link texts

Link to a PDF document

Lund University Language Policy (PDF, 43 kB, new tab)

Link to a Word document

Professors emeriti - agreement  template (in Swedish, Word 84 kB)

Link to another website - Startpage

Funka and accessibility

Link to page on your own website

Create accessible content


Contact Lund University's accessibility expert by sending an 
e-mail to: tillganglighet [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se (tillganglighet[at]kommunikation[dot]lu[dot]se)

You can also join the team "Nätverket för webbpublicister vid Lunds universitet" that has a channel for discussing web accessibility. Join the team and go directly to "Webbtillgänglighetskanalen" (in Swedish) on Microsoft Teams