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Here you can find out more about the factors which affect salaries at Lund University. You can also discover what benefits you have as an employee, how salaries are paid out and what applies in the case of fees.

Payment of salary

Your salary is usually paid out on the 25th of every month. You are responsible for providing your account details to the bank paying out the salaries, namely Nordea.

Read more about the payment of your salary and how to register or change your salary recipient details 

Salary-setting factors

There are general factors that affect the salaries of all employees at Lund University. There are also specific factors influencing the salaries of teaching staff, technical and administrative staff and doctoral students.

Read more about what these factors are and how they affect you as an employee 

Salary appraisals (OFR/S and Seko)

All members of OFR/S and Seko will receive an invitation to a salary appraisal by first line management.

Read more about salary appraisals for members of OFR/S

Salary-setting appraisal (Saco-S and non union members)

The salary-setting appraisal is a development of the salary appraisal in which you and your manager discuss your salary; it can only be offered to Saco-S members. Employees who are not members of any employee organisation can also be offered salary-setting appraisals. Your manager decides to what extent.

Read more about salary-setting appraisal for members of Saco-S and non union members)

Salary review 

A salary review is an overhaul of salaries. As an employer bound by collective agreements, Lund University has an obligation to conduct recurrent salary reviews. 

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What about health promotion, the health promotion hour and partial reimbursement for healthcare and medication? As an employee at Lund University you are always entitled to these benefits, but you may also be entitled to more.

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