Purchasing stock photos and using free images

You can purchase images from our procured photographers. In some cases, it may be appropriate to turn to external websites and image banks with images for purchase or free download. Here you will find examples of a few such websites.

You may sometimes need to purchase stock photos from an agency, for example if you need a genre picture or images of other geographical locations. 

Examples of image agencies

Free images from the internet

Most images on the internet are protected under the Copyright Act and cannot be used without permission. However, some websites do offer free images. As the person publishing the image, you are responsible for ensuring that anyone featuring in it has consented to its use. You must therefore exercise caution when retrieving images from the internet. Here are some suggestions for sites offering free stock photos:

Whether you engage a photographer, purchase the images from an agency or take photographs yourself, the images are to be characterised by Lund University’s image style. This is an image style which helps to distinguish us from other higher education institutions.

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