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Student support

There are many outlets for student support at Lund University. Here you will find information about the different University-wide support activities, so that you as an employee can refer students to the appropriate outlet and help facilitate the support they need.

Student Health Centre

The employees at the Student Health Centre focus a lot of their work on student welfare, usually through limited treatment initiatives.

Read more about the Student Health Centre, and get counselling when experiencing complicated student issues

Academic Support Centre

The Academic Support Centre offers free individual and group consultations in study techniques and academic writing.

Read more about the Academic Support Centre

Learning support for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities who need additional support during their studies can contact Disability Support Services.

Read more about learning support for students with disabilities

Study guidance

Lund University offers both general study guidance for the entire University and specialised study guidance at the different departments.

Read more about study guidance at Lund University

Career services

Careers services centres can be found at several faculties at Lund University. Together with Lund University’s job and careers portal, Career Hub, these centres serve as a link between studies and work.

Read more about career services for students at

Student reception

The student reception is located at Stora Algatan 4, and includes the Study Information Centre and International Desk. Here students can get information about e.g. courses and programmes, studies and student activities, and help with contacting appropriate persons.

Read more about the Student Reception at (in Swedish)

Read more about the International Desk at

Supplemental Instruction (SI) mentors

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a tutoring programme, in which experienced students mentor new students in a group setting, by giving them the tools they need to solve problems and manage their studies. Students who wish to become a SI mentor need to first undergo SI training, and continue to be tutored and coached throughout their SI mentorship.

SI activities at Lund University are operated by the North European Centre for SI-PASS. If you are interested in starting SI-PASS activities at your department, please contact si-pass [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se (si-pass[at]stu[dot]lu[dot]se).

More about SI on the European Centre for SI-PASS website

Other support activities

In addition to student support, Lund University conducts follow-up work and evaluations. This work aims to facilitate learning about study problems at an early stage, and thereby offer better support.  

Read more about evaluation of higher education