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Operational Insurance

Lund University is covered by the Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet), which administers the state insurance system. The operational insurance consists of three main parts: property insurance, consequential damage insurance and liability insurance. In addition, there are some supplementary insurance policies. In the event of any damage, a claim must be submitted immediately in order for us to receive compensation from Kammarkollegiet.

If the University’s property has been damaged, we are required to submit a claim to Kammarkollegiet within one month in order to receive compensation from any of our insurance policies. It is therefore important that once damage has been discovered, the person affected by the damage completes a claim as soon as possible and sends it to Security Coordinator Eric Magnusson at LU Estates. The claim form can be reached through the section “Claims” below.

Read more in the section “Excess” regarding which damage this applies to. In cases of damage to, or loss of, property etc. that is worth less than the excess, normally no claim is made to Kammarkollegiet. 

If you become aware of damage that is covered by operational or supplementary insurance, a claim is to be drawn up immediately and submitted to Security Coordinator eric [dot] magnusson [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se (Eric Magnusson) at LU Estates. Usually, your line manager is to complete the claim. 

How a claim is made:

  1. The person affected by the damage completes the form digitally and sends it without delay by email to eric [dot] magnusson [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se (Eric Magnusson) at LU Estates. State the date of the damage, location and the course of events (i.e. what happened and what was damaged). The field for estimated cost is usually left blank at this stage. There is no need for a signature at this point, this will instead be added when all details are available.
  2. eric [dot] magnusson [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se (Eric Magnusson) contacts Kammarkollegiet in order to open a claim case. NB: In order for us to receive compensation, the damage must be reported within a month of it occurring.
  3. A claim investigation is conducted by Kammarkollegiet to establish the level of compensation etc. eric [dot] magnusson [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se (Eric Magnusson) is the University’s contact person in dealings with Kammarkollegiet. In complex cases, it may take several years before costs etc. are established.

Insurance claim form (PDF, 447 kB, new tab, in Swedish)

In order to be able to insure its property, the University must continually conduct risk assessments in order to identify the risk of damage or loss that may exist, assess the risks and take appropriate measures to prevent damage or loss. This work also includes calculating what costs may occur in the case of damage. Kammarkollegiet also undertake risk assessments now and then.

According to the assessment of risk that has been done, a risk amount for each partial insurance is determined. That, minus a deduction for the excess, is the highest sum that the University can receive in the case of damage. The risk amount is based on the risk analysis and the cost of the most severe damage adjudged to potentially occur on a single occasion. 

The risk amounts for the various categories are:

  • Property SEK 300,000,000
  • Consequential damage SEK 100,000,000
  • Liability SEK 10,000,000
  • Property abroad SEK 2,000,000
  • Property borrowed from someone else SEK 4,700,000
  • Money, documents of value etc. SEK 200,000
  • Works of art SEK 30,000,000
  • Museum artefacts SEK 500,000
  • Temporarily borrowed works of art and museum artefacts SEK 5,000,000

The price base amount (pba) for 2024 is set at SEK 57,300. Below are the various excess amounts for each insurance part:

  • property 5 pba
  • consequential damage 0 pba
  • liability 3 pba
  • property abroad 1 pba
  • property borrowed from someone else 3 pba
  • money, documents of value etc. 1 pba
  • works of art 3 pba
  • museum artefacts 1 pba
  • temporarily borrowed works of art and museum artefacts 1 pba.

The property insurance policy covers property owned by Lund University and located in Sweden. It applies to everything from office fixtures to research equipment.

The University’s consequential damage insurance covers the equipment and premises that it is necessary to hire while damaged premises or equipment is repaired.

The liability insurance pays compensation for damage caused by carelessness, such as water damage in premises that leads the landlord to demand compensation.

Lund University also has agreed supplementary insurance with Kammarkollegiet. It applies to the following areas in particular:

  • property abroad 
  • property borrowed from someone else 
  • money, documents of value and other assets 
  • works of art
  • museum artefacts
  • temporarily borrowed works of art and museum artefacts.


Eric Magnusson
Security Coordinator
+46 46 222 06 94
eric [dot] magnusson [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se