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Cafes, restaurants and coffee machines

When you want to relax for a while with a cup of coffee or go to lunch, you can visit one of the cafes or restaurants that operates within the University premises.

Lund University has agreements with businesses offering cafes and restaurants at the premises of the University. The purpose is to offer cafes and restaurants with accommodated prices to students and staff.

Cafes and restaurants at Lund University

Biomedical Centre (BMC)

Stamstället website (in Swedish)

Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL)

Restaurant SOL
Restaurang SOL website (new, window, in Swedish)

Chemistry Centre (KC)

Ester Mat & Café
Ester Mat & Café website (new window, in Swedish)

Clinical Research Centre, Malmö (CRC)

Mötesplats CRC
Mötesplats CRCs website (new window, in Swedish)


Café Le Mani
Café Le Manis website (new window, in Swedish)


Café Eden
Café Edens website (new window, in Swedish)

Engineering students’ union building (LTH)

Moroten & piskan
Moroten & piskan website (new window, in Swedish)

Health Sciences Centre (HSC)

Café Hjärtat
Cafe Hjärtat website (new, window, in Swedish)

Holger Craaford Centre (EC)

Café Holger

Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre (IKDC)

Bryggan kök & café
Bryggan website (new window, in Swedish)


Café Juridicum

Kolhuset in the Botanical garden

Patisseriet i Botan
Patisseriet i Botans website (new window, in Swedish)


Cafe LUX
Cafe LUX website (new window, in Swedish)

Musikhögskolan, Malmö

Mor & Dotters Skafferi
Mor & Dotters Skafferis website (new window, in Swedish)

Skissernas Museum

På Skissernas
På Skissernas website (new window, in Swedish)

University library (UB)

Café UB
Café UB website (new window, in Swedish)

Coffee and vending machines

All coffee and vending machines are procured and contracts signed with Beans in Cup coffee suppliers. The coffee available in the machines is KRAV and Fairtrade certified.

If you want to install or remove an existing machine, contact LU Estates, fg [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se.

Report any errors to Beans in Cup. Provide the machine number.
Beans in Cup website (in Swedish)

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