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Delegation of approval rights during annual leave and absence

In case of annual leave or other extended absence, you should delegate your approval rights to someone else. Here you will find information on what to do.

Before annual leave, business trips or similar


In case of long absence, you should delegate your approval rights in Lupin, to avoid unnecessary delay of invoices and orders. In Lupin, you can delegate your approval rights to a substitute officer, in accordance with the approval plan. Heads of department can also delegate approval rights to the relevant assistant head of department.

Quick reference guide - Delegating authorisation (PDF 60 kB, new tab)

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The person or persons appointed as substitute officers for cases in Primula according to the current approval plan must apply for the role of ”substitute approving officer” via Lucat. Once their authority has been approved in Lucat, they will appear as available for selection as substitutes. Before an absence, you can then go in to Primula, select My page/Personal settings and appoint a substitute.

Approval rights are limited; the substitute does not have access to cases that are reported using the “Minirapporting” form and charged to cost centre 999 (i.e. remuneration for temporary or hourly staff). The regular reporting manager needs to process these cases on an ongoing basis before or after their leave since the substitute does not have access to them.

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Delegation of approval rights

Delegation of approval rights shall be included in the approval plan.

Approval plan – template and instructions (XLS 30 kB, new tab) (in Swedish)

Approval plan – instructions for revision (PDF 75 kB, new tab) (in Swedish)

Heads of department may delegate approval rights to any of the following:

  • the assistant head of department
  • managers who are responsible for the overall organisation and budget of one or more cost centres/activities each
  • employees with appropriate qualifications and positions of responsibility

The two last delegations are only valid if approved by the head of faculty office. See Section 1.2 of the Approval rules:

Approval rules – regulations regarding the right to allocate public authority funds I 2020 I (PDF 240 kB, new tab)

A right that has been delegated by the head of department may not be delegated further.

Appropriate position of responsibility

Functions which involve a separate area of responsibility. Rights may not be delegated to administrative support staff such as secretaries, regardless of their qualifications.