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Training in Laboratory Animal Science

The Faculty of Medicine is tasked with providing training in Laboratory Animal Science (LAS).

In order to gain access to an animal facility and to manage laboratory animals on your own, you must undergo and complete relevant animal-specific training courses. The courses have theoretical and practical components, and aim to provide basic theoretical knowledge and in most cases an introduction to practical work in laboratory animal science. The theoretical courses are taught online, whereas the practical training and assessments take place on the animal facility premises.

The courses are designed to comply with the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s regulations and general advice on laboratory animals, SJVFS 2017:40, L150 and Functions A, C, and D according to Directive 2010/63/EU.

Courses in laboratory animal science

Swedish law and ethics

Online course in Swedish legislation and ethics only. The course is required for participation in all other laboratory animal science courses and is also compulsory for persons from countries other than Sweden. You may not begin your species-specific or laboratory animal training until you have passed this course.

Laboratory animal science for performers of experiments (Functions A, C and D)

The courses are compulsory for anyone working with laboratory animals and who have no previous formal training in laboratory animal science. The courses are species specific.

Species-specific courses

Lund University is currently offering the following species-specific courses: 

  • Amphibians
  • Fish
  • Rodents and Lagomorphs
  • Pig
  • Zebrafish
  • Birds

Apply for courses

Apply for the courses here

Tuition fee

All staff members are charged a tuition fee. If you are a doctoral student, your supervisor should pay for the fee. If you are a student the fee can be included in your study programme. Contact your director of studies for more information.


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