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If you fall ill, you should report your absence immediately. If you are ill for an extended period of time, you must submit a doctor’s certificate. This page provides more information about notification of illness.

Notification of illness

Notify your line manager or the contact person appointed by your manager immediately when you are ill. Also report your absence in SSC Primula.

When you are well again, you should enter your declaration of illness for the period you were away in SSC Primula.

The same thing applies if you become ill during your holiday period. In addition to reporting your illness, you must edit/retract your application for annual leave in Primula.

Read more about how to edit/retract applications for annual leave in the SSC Portal. If you have any questions, start by contacting the National Government Service Centre (SSC). See contact details in the right-hand column.

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Illness longer than 7 calendar days

If you are ill for more than 7 calendar days, you must submit a copy of your doctor’s certificate to your line manager. Statens servicecenter (the National Government Service Centre) reports your illness to Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency). 

A doctor’s certificate must also be sent to Försäkringskassan. It is your responsibility to ensure that this happens. In most counties, the doctor can submit the certificate electronically. If you have received a paper certificate, send the original to Försäkringskassans Inläsningscentral, 839 88 Östersund.

Extensions of a doctor’s certificate must be sent to your line manager and to Försäkringskassan on an ongoing basis.

If you do not submit a doctor’s certificate from the eighth day of your sick leave, your employer is not obliged to pay you sick pay.

Sick pay, standard deduction for sick days and sickness benefit

For the first fourteen days of absence due to illness, the employee’s sick pay is covered by the employer. Sick pay is 80 per cent of your usual salary. A standard deduction is taken from the sick pay as a one-off amount based on the employee’s average work week. The standard deduction for sick days is calculated on the basis of the current month’s salary. The deduction is the same, whether you are absent due to illness for the whole of the first day or only part of it. (Please note that the previous qualifying day was replaced by the standard deduction for sick days as of 1 January 2019.)

For days 15 to 365, after the period of sick pay, you are entitled to receive sickness benefit from Försäkringskassan. However, for higher salaries Försäkringskassan does not use the entire salary as the basis for calculating sickness benefit – sickness benefit is approximately 80% of your salary up to 7.5 price basic amounts.

As a government employee, you are covered by an agreement that entitles you to higher compensation. For days 15 to 365, all government employees receive approximately 90% of their income in total, irrespective of whether this is below or above Försäkringskassan’s ceiling.

For days 366 to 915, the University tops up your sickness benefit so that you always receive approximately 75% of your income regardless of salary.

More information about sickness benefit and how to apply on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) website.

Recurrence of illness

If you fall ill again within five calendar days of your return to work, this will be considered a continuation of your previous sick leave.


Please contact your line manager or the human resources officer within your department/faculty or equivalent.

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