Reporting occupational injuries and incidents

Information for employees about reporting occupational injuries and workplace incidents.

Are you unsure what to report? Ask your manager or health and safety representative.

Occupational injuries

If an employee of Lund University or a person with a permanent workplace at the University is injured during working hours, the injury must be reported to the line manager. The manager will then complete an injury report in consultation with the individual affected and the health and safety representative, and the report will be submitted to Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) and in some cases also to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. The manager will find instructions for this procedure, as well as a link to the online form for filing an injury report on the HR pages.

You can find more information and instructions for reporting occupational injuries on the HR pages (in Swedish)

Your manager is obliged to submit a report of an occupational injury you have reported, irrespective of whether he or she considers that it constitutes an occupational injury.

You must report injuries resulting from

  • accidents,
  • occupational injuries such as repetitive strain injury and hearing impairments resulting from exposure to noise and
  • incidents on the way to or from the workplace.

Employees are covered by occupational injury insurance from AFA Insurance. The form on the following page must also be completed by you and your manager following an injury:

More information about occupational injury insurance


Incidents are defined as undesired events or situations that could have led to health problems, illness or accident. All incidents are to be reported to your line manager. It is also possible to report incidents anonymously.

You can find more information and an incident report form in English on the HR pages (in Swedish)

Serious occupational injuries and serious incidents

You must immediately inform your manager if you have suffered an accident or serious incident that posed a threat to life or health, because this must be reported immediately to the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Such incidents could include fractures, severe bleeding, a state of shock following a threat, or a chemical spill.


Försäkringskassan and AFA Insurance investigate whether your report entitles you to compensation for sick leave, loss of income, medication costs, pain and suffering, or other resultant health complaints. Remember to save any receipts for expenses connected with the incident.

More information about compensation for occupational injury

Incident follow-up

All reports of occupational injuries or incidents are to be followed up by your manager  together with your health and safety representative to investigate what happened and what can be done to prevent anything similar happening again. Your local health, safety and environment committee (HSE), follows up the matter without your identity being disclosed.


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