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Swedish for university staff (SFU)

Lund University offers Swedish language courses for employees with rapid progression, in cooperation with Scandinavian Languages at the Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL).

Depending on your previous knowledge of Swedish you can take courses at five different levels.

At the end of level four you will be able to understand radio and television programmes on current affairs or topics of personal interest. You will also be able to enter unprepared into conversation on topics that are of interest to you or pertinent to everyday life, to give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans and also be able to write an essay or a report.

During the autumn semester 2022 we are offering the following courses 

Applications can be made for the following courses during spring 2022, but please note: All course starts require a minimum number of applicants/course. Therefore, some course starts may be postponed.

Before you apply, discuss it with your manager.

Lectures once a week

If you have not taken the previous course at Lund University, you must take an entrance test to take a course at the next level (level 2-5).

Level 1: For beginners.

  • Duration: Fourteen weeks.
  • Available 13:15–16:00 or in the evening 17:15–19:30.

Level 2: Continuation course. 

  • Duration: Fourteen weeks.
  • Available 17:15–19:30.

Level 3: Continuation course. 

  • Duration: Fourteen weeks.
  • Available: 17:15–19:30.

Level 4: Continuation course. 

  • Duration: Fourteen weeks.
  • Available: 17:15–19:30.

Level 5: A more advanced course. 

  • Duration: Sixteen weeks.
  • Available: 17:15–19:30.

More information regarding the learning outcomes for each level (PDF 62 kB, new tab)

Course costs (to be paid by your department)

SEK 4 100 each for levels 1–4 and SEK 4 300 for level 5.

Register for a course

Please fill in the registration form, note which course you are interested in and have it signed by the head of your department.

Application form for SFU courses, autumn 2022 (PDF 98 kB, new tab)

Scan the document and send it by e-mail to Lena [dot] Larsson [at] nordlund [dot] lu [dot] se and Niklas [dot] Bernsand [at] sol [dot] lu [dot] se

Starting date

The courses are given whenever a sufficient number of people have signed up, which means that the courses may start at different times during the semester. You will be notified of the starting date as soon as the course coordinators know, and no less than two weeks before the start of the course.

If you are unable to wait for the course to start, there are other Swedish language courses available, see information about other possibilities in the right-hand column.


Lena Larsson
Språk- och litteraturcentrum, SOL (Centre for Languages and Literature)
+46 46 222 83 74
lena [dot] larsson [at] nordlund [dot] lu [dot] se

Niklas Bernsand
Språk- och litteraturcentrum, SOL (Centre for Languages and Literature)
+46 46 222 88 19
niklas [dot] bernsand [at] sol [dot] lu [dot] se