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Applications within a programme

If you are a programme director or equivalent, here you can learn more about the procedures that apply for applications within a programme via NyA.

For programmes that do not have a programme structure in Ladok, a new application must be submitted via before each semester. It is possible to handle applications within a programme via a programme structure directly in Ladok; however, if the students’ eligibility for the different courses within the programme needs to be reviewed it can only be done in NyA. You decide which set-up is best for your programme in consultation with the Student Records Office and the Admissions Office. 

The student registers using their student account at by the application deadline (15 October for the spring semester, 15 April for the autumn semester). 

Programme documentation

The Admissions Office sends information, known as programme documentation from Ladok to NyA, about students who are eligible to apply for courses within programmes at This takes place approximately one week prior to applications opening (15 March for the autumn semester, 15 September for the spring semester). 

Prior to the programme documentation being collected it is important you check that students in the programme are registered for the right specialisation and programme instance. 

Group registration

For certain semesters, a fixed range of courses may be offered within programmes. To facilitate registration for the students, a group registration can be made in such cases. The Admissions Office will perform group registrations on request from a programme director, or equivalent at the relevant department. Submit the following information to the Admissions Office:

  • programme/specialisation;
  • the students’ registrations for the current semester;
  • which courses the students will be attending next semester.

Group registrations must take place prior to applications opening (15 March for the autumn semester, 15 September for the spring semester). The student must respond to their admission decision, even for group registrations. 

Note: it is the responsibility of the departments to inform students that a group registration is being processed and that it is the students’ responsibility to check, in good time, that there is an application at If this is not the case, the student must apply themselves. 

Application instructions

Application instructions should be produced for all first cycle programmes where the students will be applying for the programme courses the forthcoming semester via The purpose with the instructions is to give the students a good chance to apply for the right courses for the programme. For that reason the instructions should contain detailed information regarding which courses the students shall or can select each semester, and also existing rules and any preconditions/restrictions that may apply for the programme and/or a given semester in order.

The application instructions are to be produced by the department responsible for each programme, in co-operation with the Admissions office. They shall be made available for the students well before the application period opens for the forthcoming semester.

Instructions for students on how to apply within the Bachelor’s programme is published at (in Swedish)

Master program students who must apply for courses via  for the next semester, need to receive information about this from the department.


The Admissions Office

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Here you will find our various areas of expertise:

Head of Office
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