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Incoming procedure

Guidance and support for managing incoming exchange students

Timeline and important dates

Keep track of important dates for critical steps in the admissions process!

The timeline for the admissions process includes the timing of critical steps in the admissions process. The dates are common to all administrators. The timeline is updated each semester.

Find the timeline for the admission of students in SoleMove Teams (in Swedish)

If you have questions about the timeline, please contact SoleMove support.

15–31 March for studies during the autumn semester and full academic year 
15–30 September for studies during the spring semester

Some faculties have a full month’s nomination period, i.e. the whole of March or the whole of September.

When the nomination periods open, the faculties and MMS send a message to their partner universities about nominating their students via SoleMove.

Nomination guide for partner universities available in SoleMove Teams

1–15 April for the autumn semester 
1–15 October for the spring semester

All nominated students automatically receive instructions via email on how to apply in SoleMove upon activation in the system.

Preparing for the application period

Managing and updating agreements is often an ongoing process throughout the year, but before the nomination application period opens, a review of all agreements to be announced is needed.

Marketing of Lund University is a process that needs to be timed with the partner university's calendar year and dates for application periods in order to have the best effect. Find out which dates are most suitable for the dissemination of information and marketing materials for your partner universities.

All exchange mobility presumes the existence of a valid exchange agreement. The staff member who has signed and/or administrates the agreement is responsible for the following updates in SoleMove:

  • Checking the validity of agreements and renewing agreements as necessary. The agreement must have a validity period that extends until the day after the term period.
  • Updating the number of study places and months for both incoming and outgoing exchange students. One semester corresponds to five months.
  • Checking and updating information about agreements and partners.

A step-by-step manual for the process in SoleMove for international relations officers is available in Sharepoint

Step-by-step manual found in SoleMove Teams

Update the faculty's Fact sheet, if one exists, and send it out to the faculty's partner universities before the nomination and application period.

The Lund University Fact sheet for the following year is usually sent by the relevant officer at the start of the semester to partner universities.

Do you want to use the template, but adapt the content to your faculty?
Please contact Ida [dot] Thelander [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (Ida[dot]Thelander[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se)

You can download the Fact Sheet as a regular PDF as well as an accessible – text-only – version below:

Lund University Fact sheet 2024–2025 (PDF 391 kB)

Lund University Fact sheet 2024–2025, text only (PDF 109 kB)

Lund University Marketing toolkit

The Lund University Marketing toolkit contains digital material especially produced for partner universities to facilitate marketing Lund University via websites, social media or application databases. 

Find the Lund University Marketing toolkit in LU Box

Below is an example of an e-mail that can be sent to partner universities (MMS send this to university-wide partners). 
Please attach the faculty's, or the university-wide, Fact sheet. 

Greetings from Lund University!
We hope that you are doing well and that the coming year enables increased mobility opportunities for our students. We would like to share some material about Lund University, especially compiled for our partner universities. If you wish to market Lund as a study destination among your students, this material should be easy to share via suitable platforms. We are looking forward to welcoming your students!
The Lund University - Marketing toolkit contains the following material:

  • Images of Lund University
  • Social Media content
  • Unibuddy blog posts
  • Videos
  • Youvisit virtual tour

Please also find an attached Fact sheet for exchange studies at Lund University.

Incoming exchange students are encouraged to follow the accessibility-adapted application guide that SoleMove support has produced to support the students during the application period.

Refer students to the SoleMove application guide

Processing incoming applications in SoleMove

  • When the application period has closed, each administrator is responsible for checking that applications received are correct under ”Arrived Applications” in SoleMove. 
  • Incomplete applications can be completed by the administrator or the student. It is possible to open a received application to complete it. 
  • Complete applications are to be passed on to the course directors for review.

Applicants to language courses such as SUSA, SVEE and EXTA are processed separately by the International Office of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology as soon as the application period closes.

Applicants to SAS-courses, including SASH-courses, are also processed by the International Office of the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. 

Applicants to SASA courses are processed by the International Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

SAS courses offered by faculties other than Humanities and Theology and Social Sciences are managed by the relevant faculty.

Admission to SAS courses is confirmed about two weeks before admission to regular courses.

Electronic course requests are managed in SoleMove. As an administrator, you can follow the process and see which of your students are assessed as meeting the requirements and whether they can be admitted.

The Letter of Acceptance (LoA) is sent as soon as you can see that the student has made a complete application. For students who have applied for Industrial design or Architecture, Letters of Acceptance may be sent before you have an approval from LTH, but for other students, Letters of Acceptance should be sent as soon as possible to make it easier for the student to apply for a residence permit as early as possible. 

The LoA shows that the student has been officially admitted to exchange studies at Lund University. This is a public authority decision which, besides confirming admission to LU, is needed for the student’s application for a residence permit, for access to Studentlund, for applications for scholarships and for insurance matters in the student’s home country, etc.

What happens in Ladok

Up to and including admission ("accepted"), the incoming exchange student is managed in SoleMove. After that, a number of processes take place in Ladok.

Students admitted in SoleMove are sent by SoleMove Support to the Ladok office for establishment and the generation of an interim personal identity number. This is usually done at the beginning of December/June. Once the personal identity number has been generated, it is sent back to SoleMove and becomes visible to administrators. 

After establishment, the exchange agreement is automatically entered into the system along with expected participation in the courses to which the students have been admitted (including SUSA, SVE, EXTA and SAS courses). 

For Study Abroad students, the exchange agreement and expected participation in courses must be entered manually.

Contact SoleMove Mobility Support if you have any questions.

Managing cancellations and interruptions

Handling of students who make adjustments to their exchange period, for example canceling, extending or shortening their exchange, is handled in Ladok according to the following terminology:

Cancellation (återbud) – withdrawal before the exchange / course has begun
Interruption (avbrott) – withdrawal after the start of the exchange

  • Cancellations (återbud) of exchange are marked in SoleMove (change the application to "cancelled") and are automatically transferred to Ladok. When the application is "cancelled", all accepted courses are changed to "withdrawn" in SoleMove at the same time as cancellations (återbud) are entered in Ladok on these courses.
  • Cancellations (återbud) for courses must be marked in SoleMove and automatically transferred to Ladok, provided that the student has not registered via the web or been registered to the course. If that is the case, inform the student to withdraw from the course by logging in to Ladok for students:

    N.B. The integration will not automatically transfer the cancellation to Ladok if the course has already been going on for at least one week.  

  • Interruptions (avbrott) on course or exchange are dealt with manually. The student can also mark an interruption in Ladok for students him-/herself. In the event of an interruption, no synchronisation takes place between SoleMove and Ladok.
  • Interruptions on exchange, is usually left without any action, unless the student is staying longer than one semester. If the original exchange was for two semesters (60 hp), and the student interrupts after one semester (30 hp), the exchange has to be shortened as below: 
    • Shortening an exchange: Ask Ladok to do an opportunity change (tillfällesbyte) from 60 to 30 hp. Delete the 60 hp undertaking (åtagande), and enter 30 hp undertaking.
    • Extending an exchange: Ask Ladok to do an opportunity change (tillfällesbyte) from 30 to 60 hp. Delete the 30 hp undertaking (åtagande), and enter 60 hp undertaking.

In case of cancellation or interruption for students nominated via a university-wide agreement, the MMS administrator is to notify the faculty concerned and vice-versa.

The following text can be used by administrators for correspondence with students who want to interrupt their studies while in Lund:

If you choose to withdraw

If you choose to withdraw from your exchange studies at Lund University before the end of the semester, please pay attention to the following steps of action:

  • Notify your exchange coordinators at Lund University as well as your home university
  • Notify teachers for ongoing courses
  • For courses that you are registered on and have already started, log in to Ladok and "discontinue" the course.
  • Inform the housing agency/landlord. 
  • If you have received a scholarship/grant, inform the scholarship/grant provider. If you have received a scholarship/grant for your studies at Lund University, you may be required to pay back the full amount or part of the amount, depending on the actual length of your studies at Lund University.

Printing transcripts

Incoming exchange students are primarily asked to print verifiable study certificates from Ladok themselves. There may be special reasons why Transcripts of Records need to be printed by the coordinator and sent by post.

Some partner universities still require that signed transcripts should be sent directly from the student's administrator. The administrator is responsible for printing out the student’s grades in a Transcript of Records from Ladok after a completed period of study. The following active choices need to be made when generating grade transcripts:

  • Print in English 
  • Select all courses including credit transfers
  • Show the distribution of grades
  • Stamp with university stamp

There are different procedures at different faculties as to whether the grade transcript is sent directly to the student or to the administrator at the partner university.

Access to the Student Portal, email address and LU networks

As soon as the students have been established in Ladok, at the beginning of June (for the autumn semester) and at the beginning of December (for the spring semester), the students are sent details by e-mail enabling them to activate their student accounts. Reminder e-mails are sent out automatically to students who have not yet activated their accounts The student account gives access to the Student Portal, an email address and LU networks within the University. The log in details are sent to the email address provided by the student in their application. 

Read more about the Student account and contact LU Service desk for support on

SoleMove Mobility Support

Email: solemove [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (solemove[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se)

Dimardo Dean +46 46 222 40 25
Maria Nilsson +46 46 222 01 45 

Log in to SoleMove

LU Fact sheet 2024-2025

You can download the Fact sheet as a regular PDF as well as an accessible – text-only – version below: 

Lund University Fact sheet 2024–2025 (PDF 391 kB)

Lund University Fact sheet 2024–2025, text only (PDF 109 kB)