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Research Programmes Board

In accordance with Lund University’s Rules of Procedure, a University-wide Research Programmes Board was established in 2015.

The remit of the Research Programmes Board

The Research Programmes Board shall deal with strategic education matters in education at doctoral level  where a decision at faculty level is inappropriate owing to their University-wide nature. The remit also includes principles for quality assurance and quality enhancement.

The Research Programmes Board is first and foremost a preparatory and advisory body. The vice-chancellor may delegate decisions on certain issues to the Board.

The composition of the Research Programmes Board is regulated in the Rules of Procedure.

Remit of the University-wide Research Programmes Board I 2015 I (PDF 37 kB)

Members of the Research Programmes Board


Pro Vice-Chancellor Bo-Anders Jönsson


Faculty representatives
School of Economics and Management: Professor Martin Dribe
Faculties of Humanities and TheologyPro-Dean Samuel Byrskog
Faculty of Law: Docent Jenny Julén Votinius
Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts: head of department Sven Bjerstedt
Faculty of EngineeringPro-Dean Annika Mårtensson
Faculty of Medicine: Vice-Dean Karin Jirström
Faculty of SciencePro-Dean Anders Tunlid
Faculty of Social SciencesPro-Dean Anna Meeuwisse

Student representatives
Representatives are appointed for one academic year by Lund University Students’ Unions (LUS).

Representatives of staff organisations with the right to attend meetings, speak and put forward proposals
SACO-S: Björn Frostner
TCO/OFR-S: Lars Crusefalk, replacer Kjell Nilsson

Research Programmes Board secretary
Research Services: Annika Michelsen

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