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Digital meetings

Digital meetings on a computer

Digital meetings are part of Lund University’s conditions to reduce its climate impact. The University offers cost-free tools such as Zoom, Skype for business and Teams.


Lund University offers staff and students the opportunity to use Zoom, a new tool provided via SUNET.  Zoom is used at many other universities in Sweden and has proven to be reliable and easy to use.

As an employee of the University, you can hold meetings with up to 100 participants for an unlimited period of time.

It is possible to connect to a Zoom meeting via your computer browser, tablet or smartphone. The first time you connect, you will be asked to download an app – if you do not have administrator rights you will need to ask the IT Division for help.

Zoom has functions particularly appreciated by teachers, for example, the possibility of dividing the participants into smaller groups.

Read more about Zoom on the Division of Higher Education Development website (new window)

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is pre-installed on most computers administered by Lund University. If Skype for Business is not pre-installed, contact support so they can help you. Skype for Business smoothly integrates with Outlook, and has good chat functionality

Find more on Skype at LU Support (new window)


Teams is going to replace Skype for Business. Lund University offers all staff and students access to Office365, in which Teams is included. Teams is also available for staff via the Software Centre. Teams is a collaboration tool with document management and the same communication functions as Skype for Business. If you need help to get started, please contact support

You will find Office365 here, including the Teams app to download (Log in with your Lucat-ID and the suffix "")

Read more about Teams at LU Support (in Swedish)

Personal Skype

Many people believe the easiest thing to do is to download personal Skype from the internet. Lund University advises against the use of personal Skype since the application does not fulfil the University’s information security requirements and support cannot help in the recovery of contents or recreating logins.

You can find more information and a comparison of Zoom, Skype for Business and Teams here

Videoconference rooms at Lund University

It is possible to book videoconference facilities at Lund University. This often requires the other party to have videoconferencing facilities as well. Some of these facilities can be booked via TimeEdit. (Filter by Fixed equipment, Videoconference equipment.) 

Link to TimeEdit (new window)

Telephone meetings

The telephone’s speaker function is not recommended since the sound is not of particularly high quality. Use a headset or speakerphone instead.

Read more about telephone meetings here (in Swedish)

Things to remember before and during meetings


Without good sound, the meeting will not be successful. The best sound is achieved by using a headset as it provides clearer sound and minimises audio feedback. If you need a headset, please contact the IT Division. If you do not have access to a headset you should sit in a calm environment and have the computer microphone as close to you as possible.


Place the camera at eye level. If you are using a laptop, you can place some large books underneath it. It is good to have a calm background behind you that will not distract the participants from the meeting.


Digital meetings including video require significant bandwidth and therefore you need to be connected to the internet via a network cable. If you hold the meeting via Wi-Fi there is a risk of the conversation being cut off, the image disappearing and the sound breaking up. Turn off your camera if you are using a poor connection in order for it to work better.

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