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How to book a trip

This is how you book a business trip.

To book a business trip, you must use Lund University's procured suppliers of travel, transport, and similar services. All business trips are to be booked through the travel agency with which Lund University has an agreement; currently, this is Egencia. 

However, some forms of personal transport, for example taxi, can be booked in a different way

Travel agencies

The agreement with the travel agency only applies to business trips for LU staff, persons travelling at the request of the University, and trips for external guests which are paid for by the University. Only staff are authorised to book trips under this agreement.

Business travel

Lund University has an agreement with the travel agency Egencia. All trips shall be booked through them.

Make sure the trip has been approved by your line manager before making any bookings.

If possible, consult the travel booking officer at your workplace when booking travel. If there is no travel booking officer at your workplace, you can personally book your travel via personal service or the travel agency’s online self-booking.

Price list, travel/travel related expenses, in Swedish (PDF 15 kB, new window)

Customer profile

If you have not registered a customer profile with Egencia, you must do so before logging in to the self-booking system for the first time or when booking via personal service.

Please contact Egencia, at 08:00–17:00:

Telephone +46 40 608 57 50

Email: customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se

Online self-booking

When booking less extensive trips you may use Egencia’s self-booking system. Bookings through this system involve a lower fee compared to bookings via personal service.

Log into the self-booking system (with your Lucat username and password)

Please contact customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se for technical questions about the system. If you need to change the personal details of your customer profile, please contact Per Gustafson, Per [dot] Gustafson [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se. For other questions, contact inkop [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se.

Personal service

Egencia offers personal service at 08:00–17:00 

Telephone +46 40 608 57 50

Email: customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se

When making a booking enquiry via email, it is important that you clearly state whether you want the travel agency to make a preliminary booking or a definite booking. Once you receive your booking confirmation, it is very important that you read through it to make sure that all the information is correct.

On-call service

For on-call service for emergencies during non-office hours, call the same number as previously stated: +46 40 608 57 50

The fee for on-call service is SEK 200 excl. VAT. Other booking fees will apply.

Let the travel agency do the work

  • Is price especially important? Be sure to specify this when speaking with the travel agent. 
  • Be prepared when contacting the travel agency: Where are you going? When? Changes?
  • Include as much as possible: hotel, connecting trains, buses, taxis, etc.

Keep your user profile updated! In the online self-booking system if you have access to it, otherwise via contact with the travel agency.

Book your trips through the University’s procured travel agency. From a safety perspective, this is important as the travel agency is obliged to alert the University if an employee is in a crisis or disaster area. If anything happens to you, or if your manager decides that you should return home, the University will also be able to rebook your trip.

If you book your trip on your own, the University will not be able to help. For any questions about this, please contact the University’s chief security officer.

Free mobile app

Egencia offers a free app for those who have an iPhone or smartphone with Android. If you have a registered user profile you can easily access all your travel. Download the app here (link to Egencia’s website for downloading):

Egencia website

Product fact sheet Egencia Mobile App, in Swedish (PDF 461 kB, new window)

Cancelled flights or similar problems during travel

Call the travel agency directly at +46 40 608 57 50.

Several travellers travelling together? 

Book your trip via personal service (above) and get a discount on the booking fee.

Carefully consider whether several key people, e.g. the entire department board, should travel on the same flight or bus, in case something was to happen.

Telephone while travelling

For travel abroad, see the terms and conditions for your mobile contract as well as roaming rates for calls and data.


If you are unhappy with your trip or booking, it is of the utmost importance that you make a complaint. Below is a complaints form which shall be sent to customer_service [at] egencia [dot] se and elna [dot] rosen [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se.

Complaints form, in Swedish (Word 75 kB, new window)

Invoice enquiries

Please state your delivery note number when making an enquiry about your invoice.

Email: invoice_care_se [at] viaegencia [dot] com

Phone: +46 8 555 237 58

Hotels, accomodation

Book hotel and accommodation at the same time as booking travel through your travel agency.

Booking for visitors

The same applies to hotel rooms for visitors in cases when the cost of the guest’s travel and accommodation is covered by the University. In exceptional cases, for example if the University only covers the cost of the guest’s accommodation, the hotel can be booked under the national framework agreement. Always quote the number of the agreement when booking.

Information about hotels, including prices etc., can be found in Lupin. There is a separate agreement for long-term accommodation with cooking facilities in Lund. See the agreements database.

Read more about how to find agreements

Lund University Guest House

Lund University Guest House is located at Sparta, close to the Faculty of Engineering as well as Ideon and the School of Economics and Management, and a short walk or bike ride from the rest of the University. Lund University Guest House offers simple rooms at a modest price.

Read more about Lund University Guest House

Accommodation in connection with conferences

If you are attending a conference and the hotel has been reserved by, and can only be booked through, the conference organiser, the University will make exceptions for such cases. This mostly applies to bookings outside Sweden. Please note, however, that it may still be possible to book the hotel via the travel agency, so try this first.

For conferences in Sweden: Always first try to book the hotel via the travel agency and via the national framework agreement as a second alternative. Booking hotels through the travel agency is the most correct way as it provides better service, payment terms, insurance cover, and often a better price.

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