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Lund University has agreements with three photographers. Here you can find information on how to use the agreements and contact details for each photographer.

The photographers are divided into three categories, based on the nature of the photographic assignments. Thus you choose the photographer on the basis of the kind of images you want to order. 

Price information procured photographers (PDF 20 kB, new window)

Finding the right photographer

Category 1: Profiling images (e.g. campaigns and marketing)

Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

Images in this category can include attention-grabbing pictures for our websites, cover photos for catalogues and magazines, large scale images for fairs or marketing campaigns. 

The photographer can also assist with small-scale film production.

Contact information

Charlotte Carlberg Bärg
+46 707 19 23 30
charlotte [at] clic [dot] se

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Category 2: Events and special occasions 

Kennet Ruona

Images within this category are often requested for events and special occasions, such as ceremonies, academic ceremonies and popular science events.

Contact information

Kennet Ruona
+46 705 76 74 05
kennet [at] ruona [dot] com

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Category 3: Genre and environment images

Johan Persson

Images in this category are often requested when there is a need for snapshots of the activities at the University. These types of images are used to describe the life and the environment at Lund University – both indoors (e.g. laboratory or study environment) and outdoors (e.g. people in the University environment).

The photographer can also assist with small-scale film production.

Contact information

Johan Persson
+46 703 11 16 17
info [at] johanpe [dot] se

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What to remember when ordering and using images

Each individual image affects how Lund University is perceived by wider society. Try to choose images which communicate rather than recording, and remember to check the Lund University image bank first. 
Go to the Lund University Image and Media Bank and log in with your Lucat ID

When ordering images from a photographer, remember the following:

  • Always have a meeting or a conversation with the photographer. To get good images, you must clarify the aim and purpose of the assignment. The clearer you can be in your order, the greater the chance of getting photos which meet your needs and wishes! Are there texts, for example? Background information from a text/article can generate good ideas before a photography session.

  • What do you want the images to document and what feeling are they to communicate?

  • What will you be using the images for? For example, will they feature in a small advertisement or be blown up for use at a fair stand? Will they be used in print or only be used digitally?

  • Tell the photographer if one of the procured advertising agencies is involved so that the photographer and the agency can discuss ideas. That makes it easier for the photographer to take the photos that the agency has in mind.

  • Order images in both landscape and portrait format, to facilitate the layout work.

You are encouraged to add the images you have produced to the Image and Media Bank, so that everyone can have an overview of, and access to, the images that are available. Contact Corporate Communications for permission to enter your images in the image bank.

Remember that in certain contexts you need the consent of the people featured in the images.
Read more about the laws and rules which apply on the page on Images and film – Copyright and consent

Remember always to indicate the name of the photographer adjacent to the image – in compliance with the Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works.

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For general questions on procurement or views on existing agreements:

Contact Purchasing and Procurement at the Finance Division

For advice and support before placing an order or for questions on how to use the agreements, please contact:

Corporate Communications

grafiskprofil [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se

Nina Ransmyr
Communications officer
nina [dot] ransmyr [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 03 20

Anna Johnsson
Communications officer
anna_v [dot] johnsson [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 70 21

Petra Francke
Communications officer
petra [dot] francke [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se 
+46 46 222 03 16

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