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New initiative for up and coming researchers supported by the Vice-Chancellor

Two women an one man talking and walking.

The Vice-Chancellor is launching a new initiative to promote the recruitment of prominent international researchers with groundbreaking ideas suitable for the Wallenberg Academy Fellows (WAF) programme.

The purpose of the initiative is to support faculties that want to work strategically to recruit outstanding up and coming international researchers conducting groundbreaking research with a profile suitable for the WAF programme. The initiative will start with a jointly coordinated announcement of vacancies for associate senior lecturers. 

Faculties whose final candidates are nominated by the University for the WAF will receive special financial support from the Vice-Chancellor. The hope is that this will lead to more promising up and coming researchers among the University’s nominations for the 2025 WAF programme. The WAF programme requires the University to have as many nominations of international candidates as internal candidates. In the past, international recruitment to the University through the programme has not been as successful as we have wished. 

The position of associate senior lecturer is intended as a form of merit-based employment for up and coming researchers, to offer a path towards promotion to a permanent (tenured) position as a senior lecturer. Associate senior lecturers will have the opportunity to research and develop over a period of 4 to 6 years and, after expert review, will then have the opportunity to be employed permanently as senior lecturers and, finally, professors. For international candidates, five weeks of training in teaching and learning in higher education, the chance to learn Swedish and support for moving to Sweden are included.

The Vice-Chancellor will set aside a maximum of SEK 40 million to recruit international up and coming researchers over the period 2025-2028. The initiative will be coordinated alongside the University’s internal nomination process for the 2025 WAF programme. Faculties that recruit a researcher who has not received a salary or grant in Sweden after 15 February 2021 will receive SEK five million in support if their candidate is selected to apply and applies for the Wallenberg Academy Fellows programme 2025.

The faculties’ vacancy notices can target a priority area within the faculty, but the faculty will only receive support from the Vice-Chancellor for one candidate. Faculties have been offered the opportunity to participate in the initiative and a joint recruitment campaign for those faculties that choose to participate will start in November 2023.