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Running shoes

Few utilise health promotion benefit

17 June 2019
Herbal baths for sore shoulders, weight loss courses, stress management – these are some of the activities that staff can use their health promotion...
Two men outdoors in green surroundings

Researchers: "Leadership is overestimated; rely more on employees"

13 June 2019
Leadership is merely one among an arsenal of tools at the disposal of managers and employees to create a well-functioning group or organisation,...
A digital conference meeting

Digital conferences will reduce climate impact

12 June 2019
Webinars and Skype conversations are to be taken to an entirely new level. A test has now been conducted to determine if it is possible to hold a...
Bild på en klocka

SAVE THE DATES! - Future Week at Lund University 14–20 October 2019

5 June 2019
Which countries will be the superpowers of tomorrow? Or will the robots take over? How long will we work for – and on what terms? What will we eat in...
Face of man who seems to suffer from severe headache

Migraine researcher who bucked the trend

5 June 2019
1.5 million Swedes and 850 million people globally suffer from migraines, a condition that Lars Edvinsson has been researching for almost forty years...
Two woman and a man outdoors in green surroundings

Researchers call for debate on future distribution of resources:"Research freedom in danger"

5 June 2019
Where is the debate on the Strut inquiry's proposals and their consequences? That is the question being asked by the three researchers Kristian...
Man wearing a suit

Vice-Chancellor: “It’s important for managers to be able to make uncomfortable decisions”

5 June 2019
Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz is convinced that leadership at the University is a momentous question. “If we are perceived as being incapable...
The new doctors having their group photo taken

Happy doctors escaped the rain

4 June 2019
In brilliant sunshine, the new doctors, honorary doctors and jubilee doctors walked in procession from the main University building to the Cathedral...
Two women smiling, standing back to back with crossed arms

Focus on improving the group's EQ

4 June 2019
Different values, cultures and language. Leading an international research group comes with additional challenges. Margareta Sandahl and Charlotta...

Evacuation of KC4 (a part of Kemicentrum)

29 May 2019
As reported previously, employees at KC4 who were previously located at Byrålogen have been evacuated due to the risk of asbestos dust and other...

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