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Primula shutdown after IT attack against subcontractor TietoEvry

Hands using laptop for cyber attack.

Just over a week ago, TietoEvry, a subcontractor of the National Government Service Centre, was subjected to an extensive IT attack. At Lund University, this has impacted Primula, which has been inaccessible since the morning of 20 January.

The shutdown did not affect payment of the January salary. The University has now received indications that payment of the February salary will be possible. However, it remains unclear how long the Primula shutdown will last.

The shutdown is being managed by a group based at the HR Division that includes representatives from IT and security. 

Updates for HR managers 

HR managers at organisational units are receiving continuous information and updates about the situation and being provided with support to enable manual documentation of the units’ Primula cases during the shutdown. 

The University’s organisational units are urged to maintain their regular procedures as far as possible to facilitate registration of information and cases afterwards, once Primula is up and running again. 

Keep yourself updated

Dedicated English and Swedish webpages have been set up for university-wide information about the shutdown and are continuously updated: 

If you have a Primula case that you would normally register digitally in Primula (e.g. notification of sickness, recovery or care of a sick child, or an application for holiday/leave), you are to contact your immediate manager in order to have the case approved and documented.