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Ladok for first and second cycle studies

Rules on how to record information in Ladok are determined by national directives, such as the Higher Education Ordinance, and by local regulations in the form of decisions by the vice-chancellor. The information in Ladok is used in University performance reports, as well as in reports to Statistics Sweden (Statistiska centralbyrån), CSN (the national board of student finance), and The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket).


All students enrolled in a course shall be registered in Ladok. The number of registered students is one of the factors determining the allocation of funds to the University. Student finance is not made available to the students until registration is completed. It is therefore important to complete registrations as quickly as possible – preferably immediately after the roll-call.

We recommend that students register themselves via the Student Portal.

The manual below describes how to register students who do not register themselves.

Current guidelines on how to register first and second cycle students, in Swedish (PDF 345 kB, new window)
For a user manual on registering in Ladok, see page on authorisation and support

Registering results

In order to register course results, you need to use the course and examination codes provided in Ladok. If a course is new, or no examination codes can be found, you can order them on a special form that is to be sent to the Student Records Office. All forms are available under ‘Forms’ in the right-hand column.

Ladok registers two types of results:

  • Results of exams
  • Results of completed courses (final grade)

When a course, according to the syllabus, contains one or more course components, the results shall be registered for each component, as well as for the entire course. Register results as soon as possible after examination, including failing grades. Once all course components have been passed, a final grade shall be registered for that course.

For a user manual on registering results in Ladok, see page on authorisation and support

Online registration

In order to use the online registration service, the department must first open the preset registration period using the KA05 function in Ladok. The preset values will be entered by the Student Records Office. Departments that choose to use the online registration service can later change these dates as needed. 

Retrieving information from the system

In the following user manuals, you can read about how to retrieve information from Ladok, such as lists of addresses, forms for entering results, and documentation for registration.

  • Recovery proceedings and restrictions in Ladok
  • Create a data file
  • Output data

All user manuals are available on the page about authorisation and support

Documentation for the annual report

In December and January, a number of statistical extractions are made in order to provide documentation for the annual report. Prior to this, the Student Records Office sends instructions to the departments regarding the dates for reporting.

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