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Adding an event to the calendar on

The calendar on shows activities from the whole University which are intended for external visitors, such as the general public and schools.

Is your division, department or equivalent planning a popular science event – a lecture, debate or some other event which is intended for the general public, for schools or other groups outside the University? Do enter the event in Lund University’s general calendar, which is displayed on

Go to the calendar

Log in to Drupal

External target audiences in focus

The events that are to be added to the calendar are those that are open to external visitors.

These groups (the public, schools, etc.) should preferably also be the target audiences of these events, as the calendar is part of the University’s external website.

Remember that the University (faculty, department/equivalent) is to be the main organiser or co-organiser of the event.

Events in which individual researchers from Lund University participate, but which are organised by organisations other than the University, are not to be added to the calendar.

Upcoming PhD thesis defences – not in the calendar

Upcoming thesis defences are not added to the calendar on They are displayed in a separate list directly from LUP (Lund University Publications) via a button next to the calendar on the Lund University startpage (

Visit the startpage on

See the LUP list of all upcoming public defences of doctoral theses

How to log in and add an event

All employees can enter an event to the calendar on Log in to the Drupal publishing tool with your Lucat information via
Once you have logged in, you get to a page with instructions to help you create your calendar event: (in Swedish).

Adding an event to several different calendars

Most faculties/equivalent also have their own local calendars. Contact the site manager to become a so-called global calendar publicist, authorised to add events locally and in the University-wide calendar on

How to publish in several calendars – instruction in the Drupal guide (in Swedish)

Featured events

The calendar contains a tab for featured events ("Utvalda evenemang" in Swedish), aimed at calling attention to public events, open to the wider local public. Access the tab directly via

An editor from Corporate Communications conducts a continuous review of the calendar, and makes a selection from the events that have already been included. The selection consists of events

  • where Lund University is the organiser or co-organiser
  • that are open to the public
  • that are intended for a wider audience/are of major public interest.

The featured events may include activities and events at the University’s museums, the Vattenhallen Science Centre, the Botanical Gardens, concerts and other activities for visitors. Another factor taken into account is if the events demonstrate the wide range of activities that the University has to offer.

Events that are not entirely open to the public, or events where the University is not the official organiser, may be included in exceptional cases – such as the doctoral degree conferment ceremony, the last of April celebrations, the Studentafton public interviews, visitors at the Association of Foreign Affairs, or similar. The events are to be clearly University-related and the selection is made by the editor.

What can you do to promote your event as a featured event?

If you have added an event to the calendar which you think qualifies as a featured event, please let Cecilia Schubert know by emailing her at cecilia [dot] schubert [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se 

Remember that in order to receive the best exposure, it is important that your event includes a descriptive but not too long heading, a telling image (preferably) and a short introduction ("ingress" in Swedish). The picture must be added as “Media” in Drupal to appear as a thumbnail image under Featued events. If you place it directly into the main field, it will not appear.

If the editor finds events in the calendar that qualify as major events, the editor can, if necessary, go in and edit them – for instance, if it doesn’t include a picture or if the title is too long – in which case the publisher will be notified.

Learn more about what you should consider when uploading images to the calendar in the Drupal quick reference guide (in Swedish)

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For support and questions about the calendar, please contact the Service Desk:

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