System administration model


Within the University, there is a large number of systems dedicated to providing support in the implementation of education, research and support activities. The aim of system administration is to take a structured approach to ensuring that the systems benefit the organisation and run as cost-effectively as possible.

How the University works with support systems

The system administration model provides a common picture of how system administration is run so as to generate recognition and reduce dependence on individuals.

The system owner usually gets help from a system administrator well-informed about the demands that the system is to meet, how they work and what needs to be developed. Here, a collaboration is in place with LDC and external system providers who have detailed knowledge of the systems’ technical structure.

Read more about system ownership and system administration in the vice-chancellor’s decision (PDF, 96kB new tab).

System administration plan

Every year, the system administrator draws up a system administration plan. Among other things, this plan specifies what the system is for, which target groups and working methods it supports, what other systems the system needs to collaborate/exchange information with (integrations), how the system is organised, what is to be done in the short and long term and a budget for the system.

The plans are documented in the administration plan service Lusyfer.

For authorisation to access the system, please contact systemforvaltning [at] rektor [dot] lu [dot] se

Networks and support

The Strategic Development Office is part of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and responsible for the system administration model. Dialogues and network meetings are regularly held with system owners and system administrators.


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